Generational Gifts: 35 Tales of Legacies Passed Down Through Time

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1 Hawaiian Guitar Secrets

Hawaiian Guitar Secrets

The tunings of the Hawaiian slack-key guitar were once closely guarded family secrets, passed down through generations with great care.

2. A family in Georgia claimed to have inherited a song in an unknown language from the era of their enslavement. Scientists later identified this song as an authentic West African funeral chant in the Mende language, preserved through multiple generations from mother to daughter over centuries.

3. Malignant hyperthermia, a life-threatening reaction to general anesthesia with temperatures soaring as high as 109°F, is hereditary and runs in families. Anesthesiologists routinely inquire about family history regarding fatal reactions to anesthesia due to this condition.

4. Ancient Egypt’s egg ovens, developed during the fourth century BC, were remarkable brick incubators capable of hatching thousands of eggs within 2-3 weeks. Even today, around two hundred of these ovens are still operational; their techniques have been transmitted orally for over two thousand years.

5. The Maori t?-moko tattooing tradition, a prominent Polynesian style, involved revered traveling practitioners. Utilizing pigments passed down through generations, these artisans wielded uhi (chisels) to etch intricate designs into the skin, leaving grooves on the skin.

6 Incan Knot Communication

Incan Knot Communication

The Incas devised a method of data storage and communication known as “quipus” (kee-poos). Using cords of varying colors and sizes, information was transmitted across generations by tying knots at different intervals. Regrettably, the ability to decipher this encoded data has been lost over time.

7. In Japan, families believed to harbor fox spirits were termed tsukimono-tsuji. Passed down through generations, these fox spirits typically traverse the female lineage, presenting challenges for women in such families seeking marriage due to the associated superstitions.

8. Some scientists speculate the existence of a ‘mean gene’ transmitted through families, suggesting four distinct categories of meanness. However, there’s conjecture that such traits may diminish over time through evolutionary processes.

9. A tribe in India has preserved the ancient art of crafting “living” bridges by manipulating tree roots across generations.

10. The Faroese language endured nearly 300 years without a written form after Danish authorities prohibited its use in written documents in 1536. Despite this suppression, the language persisted through oral transmission until it was eventually documented again.

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11 Yao-Honeyguide Bond

Yao-Honeyguide Bond

The honeyguide, a wild bird, has formed a unique, mutually beneficial bond with the Yao people in Mozambique. The bird guides the people to beehives and has adapted to recognize a specific call passed down through generations among the Yao.

12. The Iffland Ring, adorned with diamonds, symbolizes the most esteemed actor in the German-speaking theater. Passed down by testament from one actor to the next, its current bearer is Jens Harzer.

13. Across New England, towns uphold a century-old tradition of passing special gold-tipped canes to their eldest residents.

14. Two Muslim families have tended to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for generations, a sacred site where many believe Jesus Christ was crucified and buried.

15. In the 1700s, pills made out of the element antimony were taken orally as a laxative for constipated bowels. Once they passed through, they were retrieved from the excrement to be used again. Some families passed down the same pill from one generation to the next.

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16 Honoring Military Graves

Honoring Military Graves

Local families in the Netherlands and Belgium adopt US military gravesites, honoring them with visits and floral tributes, a duty passed down through generations.

17. For six generations, spanning from 1688 to 1840, members of the Sanson family held the position of executioner in Paris. Charles-Henri Sanson alone conducted 2,918 executions, including those of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.

18. New research suggests that memories can be inherited across generations through genetic switches, potentially explaining the development of phobias.

19. The same family has been in charge of running Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, a Japanese hotel, for more than 52 generations, a remarkable legacy that has persisted to this day.

20. The Holy Prepuce, purportedly Jesus’s foreskin, has been passed down and revered as a sacred relic through the ages. As recently as 1983, it was paraded through the streets of an Italian village.

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21 Ni‘ihau Family Legacy

Ni‘ihau Family Legacy

Ni’ihau Island in Hawaii was acquired through a private purchase for $10,000 in 1864 and has remained within the family ever since. Rather than exploiting its resources for profit, the owners maintain its seclusion and protection. Over 150 natives live on the island.

22. While female X chromosomes undergo mixing and reshuffling, Y chromosomes are passed down unchanged, resulting in successive generations of males sharing identical Y chromosomes, from grandfather to father to son.

23. For seven consecutive generations, the Crane family has exclusively supplied the paper used for printing the U.S. dollar.

24. Environmental influences like diet, lifelong smoking, or stress can impact the genetic inheritance of offspring in humans. For instance, due to the trauma their ancestors experienced, descendants of Holocaust survivors exhibit increased susceptibility to stress.

25. In Albanian culture, there exists a tradition of blood feuds known as “Gjakmarrja,” where murder is deemed necessary to uphold family honor. These feuds can extend across generations, leaving those who refuse to participate living in perpetual shame and isolation, imprisoned in their homes.

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