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1Dog petting

Petting a dog can lower your blood pressure.

Categories: Animals, Humanbody

2Ed Stafford

Discovery Channel survival expert Ed Stafford was the first person to walk the length of the Amazon River from source to the sea. He thought it might take a year, but it took him 860 days.

Categories: People, Travel

3Carbook golf course

There is a Carbook golf course in Australia with full-grown bull sharks living in the water hazards.

Categories: Animals, Games, Places

4Electronic Cigarette

As the slogan for a smokeless world has been raised, a new practice called “vaping” has come to the forefront recently, but vaporizers/e-cigarettes were invented back in the 60s. The earliest e-cigarette can be traced to Herbert A. Gilbert, who in 1963 patented “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” that involved “replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air”. This device produced flavored steam without nicotine. The patent was granted in 1965. This concept never took off because smoking was still fashionable back then.

Categories: Health, History, Technology

5Southwest Airlines Flight 1248

In 2005, a pilot of Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 was concerned about the weather. He jokingly referenced the movie ‘Airplane!’, saying “I picked a bad day to stop sniffin’ glue,” shortly before his plane crashed.

Categories: Disaster, Transport
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6Carmen Electra

Baywatch star Carmen Electra has Hydrophobia, the fear of water.

Categories: Actors, Misc

7Red bell peppers

Broccoli, parsley, brussel sprouts, and red bell peppers all contain more vitamin C per 100g serving than oranges. Chili peppers contain 400% more.

Categories: Food, Health

8Jackie Chan Vs Hong Kong Triads

Jackie Chan used to carry multiple guns and even a grenade to protect himself and other artists from the triad in the 80s and 90s

Categories: Actors, Crime, Places, Weapons

9Pumpkin bombs

Before dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US dropped 49 practice bombs nicknamed "pumpkin bombs" that killed 400 and injured 1,200

Categories: Death, People, Places, Weapons

10Miguel Indurain

5-time Tour de France winner, Miguel Indurain, had a resting heart rate of just 28 BPM. The average person rests at about 60 BPM.

Categories: Games, Humanbody
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