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1Layne Staley

Alice In Chains' lead vocalist Layne Staley in response to an article in 1998 asking, "Who will wipe and change the band now?" after their manager retired, mailed a jar of piss and a bag of his own feces to the magazine with a note attached that read, "Wipe and change this, motherf***ers!"

Categories: Music, People

2Phone battery discharge

It is a myth that you should fully discharge your cell phone/laptop batteries before charging - it's a holdover from the Ni-Cad chemistry era and its "memory effect", but lithium-ion batteries are at their healthiest when you use very little and charge very often.

Categories: People, Technology

3Battle of Britain

A Polish pilot who, after being shot down during the Battle of Britain, landed at a country club and proceeded to play and win a game a tennis before an RAF truck came to pick him up.

Categories: People, War

4French waiters strike

In 1907, French waiters went on strike for the right to have mustaches. In France prior to 1907, mustaches were a symbol of class and stature, while waiters were seen as lower class and thus - not mustache-worthy.

Categories: Misc, People

5Shaquille O'Neal

Many African-Americans have Irish surnames (e.g. Shaquille O'Neal) because Irish and blacks lived side by side in the ghettos of 19th century America.

Categories: People

6Nicolae Ceaușescu

Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Stalinist dictator of Romania was captured and put on trial on Christmas morning after a few days, given ten minutes to prepare his defense with his counsel, convicted by the afternoon and executed at 4 PM the same day

Categories: Death, Festival

7Steve Easton

A man named Steve Easton sneezed out the tip (penny sized) of a toy dart while he was at his computer. The toy had been lodged unknowingly in his nasal cavity for 44 years. He had to confirm with his mom.

Categories: Humanbody, People

8Liquid Ass

The U.S. Military uses the stink bomb product named 'Liquid Ass,' in training to prepare troops for the odor of the battlefield.

Categories: Countries, Military

9Richard Kuklinski

American serial killer Richard Kuklinski killed a man and left his body in an oil drum outside of a diner just to see how long it would take for someone to investigate. He would order sandwiches from the place and sit on the drum while he ate. He also made a clicking noise with his mouth when he was angry. If you heard that, you were as good as dead. He claims to be responsible for a string of homeless murders in a specific neighborhood, killed a cop for beating him in the pool, and shot a man with a crossbow just to test it out for an upcoming hit.

Categories: Crime, People

10Heinrich Hertz

Heinrich Hertz, upon proving the existence of radio waves, stated that “It’s of no use whatsoever.” When asked about the applications of his discovery, he said, “Nothing, I guess.”

Categories: People, Science

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