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1Paulie Hynek

In 2011, a 2-year-old boy named Paulie Hynek from Wisconsin survived after being found freezing in a snowbank overnight when he wandered outside looking for his mom. He had no heartbeat, no breathing, and no brain activity when he was found. Doctors wouldn't declare him dead until he was warmed up. He survived after his blood was warmed.

Categories: People, Weather

2Gay wedding

X-men was the first comic to feature a gay wedding.

Categories: Comics, Marvel

3Courtney Love

Unprovoked, American singer Courtney Love picked on Gwen Stefani saying "Being famous is just like being in high school. But I'm not interested in being the cheerleader. I'm not interested in being Gwen Stefani." After that quote, Gwen recorded her first solo album with the cheerleader anthem "Hollaback Girl."

Categories: Music, People


There is an orangutan named FU-Manchu who is an honorary member of the lock picking union because he has successfully escaped from his cage using home made keys multiple times. Many primatologists believe he has successfully demonstrated human level deception.

Categories: Animals, Places

5Masha cat

A cat named Masha saved a baby's life. The long-haired red tabby found an abandoned baby in a box in the snow and climbed in to keep the baby warm and meowed to get the attention of a passerby. The abandoned baby was rescued unharmed.

Categories: Animals, People

6Sophie Tucker

In 2008, a dog named Sophie Tucker survived 4 months lost at sea off the coast of Australia. She fell overboard while sailing in bad weather with her owners. She then swam 5 nautical miles in stormy, shark-infested water to an island where she survived for 16 weeks by hunting wild goats.

Categories: Animals, Badass

7Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi often slept and bathed naked with other women including a grandniece and the wife of his grandnephew, who were both 18 when they started sleeping in the same bed as Gandhi, who was 77 years old at the time.

Categories: People, Relationship

8Mark Davis

Mark Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders NFL team, is worth $500 million but drives a 1997 minivan and carries a 2003 dumbphone. Until recently he ate at Hooters every Tuesday night for $12.99 all-you-can-eat wings. Davis travels to southern California to get his unusual bowl haircut.

Categories: Finance, Food, Transport

9William Ellis Green

In 2005, 82-year-old Australian cartoonist named William Ellis Green confronted a burglar running through his house in Victoria. He called the police and took pen to paper to produce a caricature of the burglar. The police immediately recognized the burglar from the drawing and he was soon apprehended.

Categories: Crime, People

10Shirley Henderson

Shirley Henderson, the girl who played Moaning Myrtle (the ghost in the bathroom) was actually 37 years old when she played the character in the Harry Potter series.

Categories: Actors, Movies

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