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The Kiwi bird lays an egg that can weigh up to a quarter of its body mass and hatches into a more or less completely developed adult kiwi. Kiwis lay the biggest egg in proportion to its size of any bird in the world even though the kiwi is about the size of a domestic chicken and it lays eggs that are about six times the size of a chicken's egg. The egg displaces most of the mother’s internal organs, stretches her ribcage and makes her barely able to move, eat, or even breathe.

Categories: Birds

2Coffee word

The word "coffee" was mentioned in Civil War diaries more than war, bullet, cannon, mother, and Lincoln. Coffee was so important to the Union war effort the Sharps Rifle Company manufactured a carbine with a coffee grinder built in the butt stock of the gun.

Categories: Beverages, Books, Military, War, Weapons

3Amelia Earhart

American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart was one of the first celebrities to found her own line of clothing and luggage and was a major icon of women's fashion in the 1930s.

Categories: Misc, People

4Walt Disney

Walt Disney received one full-size Oscar for Snow White as well as seven miniature ones.

Categories: Honor, People

5Space Cadets

A 2005 British TV show named Space Cadets successfully convinced several members of the public that they were going into space as a space tourist. They never left the ground and the whole show was an elaborate practical joke.

Categories: Television

6Wolf Blitzer

American journalist Wolf Blitzer did so poorly on Celebrity Jeopardy that he was negative $4,600 at one point and had to be bailed out by the show by giving him $1000.

Categories: Games, People


The ancient dog breed of Xoloitzcuintli, the dog from Coco, was nearly extinct by 1950s. They were revived from a group of 10 pure bred after an expedition scoured most of the Mexico in search for them.

Categories: Animals

8Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin was the first child actor to earn $1 Million for a movie

Categories: Actors, Movies

9Red Hulk

Marvel considered having Thunderbolt Ross (portrayed by William Hurt) transform into Red Hulk in Captain America: Civil War, but scrapped the idea so as “not to add another complicated super-powered character to the mix.”

Categories: Movies, People

10Bruno Manser

An activist named Bruno Manser went into the jungles of Borneo in the 1980s and became a respected elder in the Penan tribe, then left the tribe and did hunger strikes outside many multinational corporations responsible for stealing their land.

Categories: People, Places

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