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1Montauk project

Stranger Things was allegedly based on Project Montauk, a supposed secret government program involving the kidnapping of children for use in mind control experiments.

Categories: Government, Places

2Dodo bird

In 1755, Oxford University burned a taxidermied Dodo bird, unaware that it was the last complete specimen in the world.

Categories: Animals, Places

3Marvel's Clark Kent

Clark Kent is also a character in the Marvel universe, where he is actually just a mild-mannered reporter and nothing more

Categories: Comics, Marvel

4Anzac biscuits

Anzac biscuits sold in Australia and New Zealand is legally required to be sold only if they are true to their original recipe and are never to be sold as cookies.

Categories: Countries, Food

5Ghost Recon game

The 2001 video game Ghost Recon takes place during a fictional 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia. In reality, Russia would actually invade Georgia that year.

Categories: Countries, Games

6Duck-billed platypus

The duck-billed platypus has a gene mix of birds, reptiles, and mammals and genetically has 25 possible sexes.

Categories: Animals

7Christmas lights

The tradition of putting Christmas lights up outside started in Denver, Colorado on Christmas Eve, 1914. D.D. Sturgeon, the founder of Sturgeon Electric, wanted to give his ill son some Christmas joy, so he wrapped his pine trees with electric bulbs, which were dipped in red and green paint.

Categories: Festival, People

8Bill Gates' open letter to pirates

In 1976, Bill Gates wrote an open letter to computer hobbyists to stop "ripping off" his software. They told him when it's easier to pay for than to duplicate, it won't be "stolen."

Categories: Computers, People

9Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary (American Psychologist) was able to get out of prison after he filled in a psych test which put him as low-risk...which he himself designed.

Categories: Drugs, Prison

10Irish Banks strike

When Irish Banks went on strike for 6 months in the 1970s, people used pubs to cash their pay-cheques and to keep the economy running.

Categories: Countries, Finance, People

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