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1KLF Foundation

In 1994, the duo responsible for 1990s electronic band The KLF, in a performance art piece called “K Foundation Burn a Million Quid,” burned all the money they had earned, which was a million pounds. The video aired on television a year later. They swore off discussing the project for 23 years, but 8 years later, admitted they regretted burning the money.

Categories: Art, Television

2Robert Gallo

When scientists first realized that American gay men and Africans in France were both suffering from the same disease (AIDS), French researchers sent over a sample to be tested. But a scientist with a grudge against the French Institute switched out the sample, setting research back years.

Categories: Health, People

3Oscar winner perks

One of the perks of being an Oscar-winner is that you can have your Oscar repaired for free by the Academy.

Categories: Honor

4Operation Barbarossa

The German invasion of the Soviet Union caused 95% of all German Army casualties that occurred from 1941 to 1944.

Categories: Military, Places

5Emperor Caracalla

When emperor Caracalla visited Alexandria, he was greeted with satires of him and other insults. He responded by massacring the city's citizens and pillaging it afterward.

Categories: Monarch, Travel

6John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was the first and only Catholic President of the United States. Almost all of the other presidents were either Protestant, Nontrinitarian, or Unspecified.

Categories: President, Religion

7Rubbing an injury

Rubbing an injury right after it happens alleviates pain because the spinal chord preferentially forwards pressure signals (to the brain) over pain signals.

Categories: Humanbody, Science

8Kismot restaurant

In 2011, a restaurant named Kismot Restaurant in Edinburgh held a charity hot curry eating contest that resulted in the first 10 contestants writhing in agony, panting, and vomiting, with one contestant being hospitalized twice. The 2nd group of contestants declined to participate.

Categories: Food, Places

9Hogwarts Express

The Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movies is a real train in Scotland named the Jacobite steam train.

Categories: Countries, Transport

10Alexander Graham Bell

After his long illness Scottish-American inventor Alexander Graham Bell, replying to his deaf wife's plea “Don't leave me” signed “no...”, lost consciousness, and died shortly after.

Categories: Death, People

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