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1Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen, has earned more money in modeling and business than he has in the NFL at near 300 Million Dollars next to his 120 Million, not only that but she has made more money than just about every other Pro-Athlete in History.

Categories: People

2Tesla Roadster

Top Gear staged breakdowns of the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster, making electric cars seem unviable. Show defenders said that it was all in fun.

Categories: Television, Transport

3Mukesh Ambani

Indian businessman/billionaire Mukesh Ambani has invested $31 billion to improve India's mobile and internet infrastructure since 2011. He found his motivation in 2011 when his daughter, who was back home from Yale for holiday, tried to submit her coursework and told him that “the internet in our house s*cks.”

Categories: People, Technology

4North Korea basketball

North Korea has their own basketball rules: slam dunks are worth three points, field goals in the final three minutes of the game are worth eight points, three-pointers are worth four if the ball doesn't touch the rim, and a point is deducted for missed free throws.

Categories: Countries, Sports

5Claud Hatcher

American businessman Claud Hatcher bought a large amount of Coca-Cola syrup from a salesman and thought he deserved a reduced rate for the amount. When refused, Hatcher vowed to never purchase Coca-Cola again and was determined to develop his own soft drink. He kept his vow and today we have Royal Crown (RC) Cola.

Categories: Beverages, People

6Tammi Terrell

American singer Tammi Terrell who was famous for recording and performing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" with Marvin Gaye, collapsed on stage into Gaye's arms during a concert. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 22 and died at the age of 24 after eight unsuccessful surgeries to cure her.

Categories: Actors, Death

7Cobra Effect

When the English colonial government in Dehli in India put a bounty on cobras to eliminate them from the city, it resulted in a cobra population boom. The bounty was greater than the cost of breeding a cobra, and the citizens were breeding them to sell to the government.

Categories: Animals, Countries

8Long Winter

During the long winter of 1886, horses and cattle on the Great Plains died when their breaths froze over the ends of their noses, making it impossible for them to breathe.

Categories: Animals, Death, History, Weather

9Battle of Kleidion

In 1014 A.D., after defeating a large Bulgarian army at the battle of Kleidion, Byzantine Emperor Basil II had 99 of every 100 prisoners blinded, leaving each 100th man with one eye so that he could lead his comrades home. Upon seeing his thousands of blinded soldiers, the Bulgarian Emperor reportedly died of a heart attack.

Categories: History, People

10Cable car disaster

In 1998, a US Navy pilot flew too low against regulations and cut a gondola’s cable, killing 20 people. He and his crew were put on trial and found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter and negligent homicide.

Categories: Disaster, Military

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