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1Mountains of Kong

The Mountains of Kong was a West African mountain range that was charted on maps for nearly a hundred years. It was later discovered that the mountains never existed and were made up by the original cartographer.

Categories: Places

2Fizzy sensation

The fizzy sensation on your tongue from carbonated drinks is not caused by the tiny bubbles popping. The fizz is us actually tasting the carbon dioxide.

Categories: Beverages, Humanbody, Science

3Uday Hussein

Saddam Hussein's son owned an actual iron maiden and used it against people he didn't like.

Categories: People

420 Norwegian krone coin

It is possible to fool Norwegian vending machines by using a 10 Syrian pound coin, which has 18 times lesser value than ‘the identical’ 20 Norwegian Krone coin.

Categories: Currency

5Jon Favreau

Macy's originally agreed to be the department store in "Elf" however one stipulation was that Santa couldn't be revealed as a fake. Jon Favreau was unwilling to change the content so he changed the store to "Gimbel's" and filmed it in the cafeteria of a Vancouver mental hospital.

Categories: Movies, People

6Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great ordered executioners to secretly strangle criminals before they were broken on the wheel. This was to keep the illusion of brutality while, at the same time, being merciful.

Categories: Death, Monarch

7Cliff Young

In 1983, a 61-year-old potato farmer named Cliff Young won a 544 mile endurance race because he ran throughout the night while the younger 'professional' athletes slept.

Categories: People, Sports

8U.S. Half-Cent

When the U.S. Half-Cent was discontinued in 1857 for not having enough buying power, it was worth about the same as a modern U.S. Dime.

Categories: Countries, Currency

9Listerine mouthwash

A Listerine mouthwash ad from the 1920s coined the phrase, "Often a bridesmaid but never a bride" to describe women with bad breath.

Categories: Corporation, Health

10Mass extinction

There were 4 mass extinction events before the one that killed the dinosaurs. The most severe extinction event killed a staggering 97% of all species. All life on earth today is descended from the 3% that survived.

Categories: Animals, Disaster

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