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1Face mask

Indian villagers working in jungle wear face mask behind their heads to save themselves from the Bengal Tigers. Tigers have been seen following people wearing the mask, but they have not attacked. By contrast, 29 people who were not wearing mask were killed in the span of 18 months.


2Government employees

In 1955, 14 government employees flying to Area 51 died after their plane crashed into a nearby mountain. In 2016, a memorial was constructed in their honor, containing “many hidden messages.”


3Human ear

The physical shape of the human ear selectively filters out frequencies outside of the human vocal range.


4Concorde airplane

The Concorde airplane flew so fast that if you left London (or Paris) in the evening flying west towards New York, to the passengers in the plane, the sun would actually appear to begin rising again shortly after reaching cruising speed. The plane flew faster than the Earth’s rotation.



For the film Speed, Joss Whedon was brought in a week before shooting began. He wrote "98.9% of the dialogue", added major plot points, and is credited with creating the "Pop quiz, hotshot" line.


6Lex Luthor

Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Lex Luthor in Superman: Flyby, a Superman reboot written by J.J. Abrams that was never made.


7High Fives

Humans didn’t perform the critically acclaimed high five before the 1970s.


8Montezuma Castle

The Montezuma Castle in Arizona was named by the white settlers who assumed that the Aztecs were responsible for all Pre-Columbian historic sites. It turns out the monument has nothing to do with Montezuma or the Aztecs and yet no one bothered to rename it.


9Mysteries Surrounding O'Hare Airport Encounters

Local residents living near O'Hare International Airport in Chicago have long been sharing stories of eerie encounters and unexplained phenomena in their vicinity. Some have reported mysterious visitors knocking on their doors, who, when answered, utter cryptic phrases like "have to make a connection" or "find their luggage" before vanishing into thin air. Motorists passing by the nearby highway have witnessed strange lights and unsettling figures on the roadside. Additionally, anyone spending time at the airport itself might experience an abrupt drop in temperature coupled with distant screams emanating from an adjacent field.

These unsettling events have been linked to the tragic crash of the American Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Flight 191, in May 1979. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff when one of its engines detached, resulting in a fiery catastrophe that claimed the lives of all 271 people on board and two individuals on the ground. Remarkably, reports of paranormal activity persist to this day, prompting some daring souls to embark on ghost tours, including overnight stays near the airport, in pursuit of firsthand supernatural encounters.


10Incorrect Name Use Explanation

When parents inadvertently address their children using incorrect names or the names of their siblings, it is not indicative of memory decline or aging. Rather, it reflects how the brain categorizes names.


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