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1Honey Possum

The Honey Possum is the only non-flying animal in the world to live solely on a diet of nectar and pollen. Whilst their young are born weighing only 0.005 grams, honey Possum males have the largest sperm of any mammal in the world (0.36 mm).

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From the ages of 1 to 44 you are most likely to die from an accident. From the age of 45 on, you are most likely to die from cancer or heart disease. Under 1, you are most likely to die from a birth defect.

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3Cracking Fingers

Dr. Donald Unger cracked his left-hand knuckles every day for 60 years but did not do so on his right hand. He proved that cracking knuckles had no effect on his health and he earned the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine.

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4Prince Philip’s Wedding

Prince Philip was not allowed to invite his three sisters to his wedding to Princess (now Queen) Elizabeth in 1947, because they were all married to German noblemen, and this would have been considered inappropriate in postwar Britain.

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5Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar had an affair with the sister (Servilii Caepiones) of his political rival to needle him. Her son and son in law later became lead conspirators in the plot to assassinate Caesar.

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6Mad Max: Fury Road

2 versions of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' were made: a PG-13 version and an R-rated version. Test audiences preferred the R-rated version, so that's what was released.

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7Shawn Fonteno

Rapper Shawn "Solo" Fonteno, otherwise known as the voice of Franklin from GTA V, once knocked out the popular rapper Ice Cube and took his chain.

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Saturn's moon Iapetus, which was discovered in 2007 was found to have a unique equatorial ridge that has peaks up to 8 miles (13 km) high that only exists in the dark region of the moon. There is no definitive explanation for how it formed.

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9Kenny G

The Guinness World Record for longest note ever recorded on a saxophone, at 45 minutes and 47 seconds, is held by Kenny G.

Categories: Honor, Music

10Robert Kerr McLaren

In 1944, during World War 2, an Australian soldier named Robert Kerr McLaren removed his own appendix in the middle of a Philippine jungle without any anesthetic and with only the use of a mirror and an ordinary knife. The operation took 4 hours and he stitched himself up with jungle fiber.

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