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1US Embassy

The US Embassy in Moscow caught fire in 1977. Sensitive information was stolen by several firefighters who were also KGB agents.

Categories: People, Places

2Franz Von Werra

Franz Von Werra was a Nazi POW who was transferred to Canada to deter his multiple escapes and recaptures. He escaped again in less than a month from Canada, traveled through the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and Italy to become the only Western held POW to return to combat.

Categories: Badass, War

3Jesus rifles

Trijicon, a firearm optics company, secretly hid Bible verse references in serial numbers of scopes mass purchased by the US Armed Forces (such as "ACOG4X32JN8:12" referencing John 8:12—"I am the light of the world"). This controversy spawned the nickname "Jesus rifles."

Categories: Religion, Weapons

4Solenopsis daguerrei

There is a species of ant named Solenopsis daguerrei that will infiltrate a fire ant colony, kill the queen, then take her place. The workers raises the impostor's children, which then fly off to infest more colonies. They are being considered as a biological method to control the spread of fire ants.

Categories: Insects


Helikopter-Streichquartett is a string quartet by Karlheinz Stockhausen that must be played in four circling helicopters, the sound remixed, chopper sounds and all, for an audience on the ground.

Categories: Music, Transport


Jupiter's moon Io, the most volcanically active world in the Solar System, has volcanic eruptions so powerful that they can be seen with large telescopes on Earth.

Categories: Space, Technology

7Aoraki-Mount Cook

The official height of New Zealand's Aoraki-Mount Cook had to be reduced by 10 meters in 1991 after its top fell off.

Categories: Nature, Places


Migros which is Switzerland's largest retail company gives a share to every Swiss adult for free, allowing them to vote in general assemblies. Furthermore, if the earnings before interest/taxes exceed 5%, the supermarkets are forced to lower their prices.

Categories: Corporation, People

9USS New York

The USS New York's bow stem includes 7.5 tons of steel from the World Trade Center.

Categories: Architecture, Transport

10Charles Harrelson

Woody Harrelson's dad (Charles Harrelson) was a hitman and died in prison while serving a life sentence for killing a Federal Judge.

Categories: Actors, Crime

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