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1Kendrick Lamar

In order to ensure Kendrick Lamar didn't have a ghostwriter, Eminem kicked everyone out of the studio and made him write a verse on the spot

Categories: Music, People

2Mud Hut

Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, began life in a mud hut.

Categories: People, Places

3Chuck Berry

In 1970's, Chuck Berry toured with only a guitar, finding some local bands for each show. He was confident that he could hire a band that already knew his music. He did not even give them a set list and just expected the musicians to follow his lead.

Categories: Music, People

4Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison taught his second wife (Mina Miller) Morse code to tap out messages on his arm so that they could communicate in secret in front of her parents.

Categories: People, Science

5John Madden

John Madden was offered unlimited stock to the first Madden NFL video game but declined and later called it "the dumbest thing (he) ever did in (his) life."

Categories: Games, People

6Pumping Iron

Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he had made up several stories in the movie Pumping Iron for attention because the producers told him that without drama it would be boring. One of the stories made up was the fact that he did not attend his father's funeral because of a bodybuilding competition that was going to happen in a couple of months. Arnold did actually attend his father's funeral and spoke to him shortly before he passed.

Categories: Actors, Movies

7John Rainwater

In 1952, students at the University of Washington tricked their teacher by creating a false student named John Rainwater. It has now been used as a pseudonym by multiple renowned mathematicians.

Categories: Mathematics, People

8Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson was a Black Panther who took administrators of his college hostage, and was threatened with assassination by the FBI.

Categories: Actors, Disaster

9Baby Fae

In 1984, a 1-year-old named Baby Fae received a heart transplant from a baboon but ended up dying 21 days later due to rejection. When questioned with why a baboon and not a primate more closely related to humans, the surgeon said he didn’t believe in evolution.

Categories: Animals, Death, Science

10Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian, who is said to be worth more than $100 million, has built a reputation thanks to his Instagram feed of living a lavish lifestyle. He has had 3 heart attacks before the age of 32.

Categories: Media, People

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