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1Bombay Blood Group

There is a rare blood group known as ‘h/h’ or ‘Oh’ which was first discovered in 1952 at Bombay, India, hence christening another name ‘Bombay Blood Group’. This blood is so rare that only 4 in a million would have it globally; however, every 1 in 10,000 have it in Bombay.

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2Carl McCunn

In 1981, American wildlife photographer Carl McCunn became stranded in the Alaskan wilderness. He hired a bush pilot to drop him off but never confirmed his pickup. He even gave a plane that spotted him an ‘all is well’ sign by mistake. He took his own life when he ran out of supplies.

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3Flash raced Superman

The first time the Flash raced Superman, they made sure the race ended as a tie so that none of the gangsters that had bet on the race made any money.

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When a pit bull mix named Dosha was hit by a car, she was shot in the head by a police officer to stop the dog’s suffering. At the animal control center, her body was put in a freezer, but a couple of hours later, she was found alive. She was taken into surgery and survived the ordeal.

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5Melanophila beetles

Melanophila beetles (known as fire chaser beetles) are able to sense forest fires from 80 miles away and seek them out since burnt wood is the source of nutrition for their young.

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6Human Endangerment

Humans were once an endangered species. About 1.2 million years ago, at a time when our ancestors were spreading through Africa, Europe, and Asia, there were probably only around 18,500 individuals capable of breeding. Humans faced another population bottleneck where the human population was reduced to less than 1000 people total around 70,000 years ago due to a supervolcano explosion in Indonesia that triggered a nuclear winter.

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7Air pollution

A 2007 World Health Organization study estimated that air pollution killed about 656,000 Chinese each year, equivalent to almost ten times the number of people who were killed by the Hiroshima atomic bomb

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8Galactic Fountains

When a star goes supernova, the rapidly expanding bubble of hot, metal-rich gas from it hits the edge of the galactic disk where it suddenly encounters much less resistance from a much lower density of the interstellar medium, allowing it to form a chimney perpendicular to the disk. After arcing well outside the disk, this material then cools and rains down over a large portion of the galaxy, seeding stellar nurseries with metals that will later become planets.

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9Botto Bistro

Botto Bistro, an Italian restaurant in San Francisco, started a campaign " Hate us on Yelp " to become the worst rated restaurant in Yelp. It also offered a 25% discount to customers who gave it a 1-star review on Yelp.

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10Less Than Zero

Robert Downey Jr. buried the clothes that he wore in 1987's "Less Than Zero" in the backyard of his house in a symbolic attempt to bury his decadent 1980s Brat Pack image and begin a new phase of his life and career after filming Chaplin.

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