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Coca-Cola bottled in Cleveland, Ohio never switched to high-fructose corn syrup. They have always used natural sugar.

Categories: Food, Places

2Stevie Wonder

There is a conspiracy theory that Stevie Wonder isn't actually blind.

Categories: People

3Mongolia postal service

Mongolia’s postal service adopted a system that uses a 3-word address instead of a street address. The system maps the world into patches of 9 square meters and assigns each one a unique 3-word address that helps postal workers deliver mail in the city or remote places more efficiently.

Categories: Countries, People

4Redditt town

There is a town in Canada called "Redditt". It had a Highway 666 running through it, but a church successfully petitioned to have it renumbered so that their address wasn't on the "highway to hell."

Categories: Places

5Paul Erdős

Mathematician Paul Erdős, who was an avid amphetamine user, once accepted a friend's $500 bet to stay clean for 30 days. Erdős won the bet but complained that “mathematics has been set back by a month.

Categories: Drugs, Finance

6The Summer of the Cans

In 1987, in Brazil, a ship carrying 22 tons of weed in 3lb cans dumped all of it in the sea after being chased by Brazilian authorities. The cans were carried to the coastline by the tides, and most ended up being found (and used) by locals. This event came to be known as "The Summer of the Cans."

Categories: Crime, Drugs

7Fallout 3

The Japanese version of Fallout 3 does not give the player the option to detonate the Megaton nuclear bomb.

Categories: Games, Weapons


A Canard is a standard unit of quackery. The Quackery index measures dubious health claims by how often words like ‘energy’, ‘holistic’, ‘vibrations’, ‘magnetic healing’, and ‘quantum’ are used in conjunction with other more skeptical words.

Categories: Health, Science

9John Gotti

Mob boss John Gotti would offer coffee to the FBI agents assigned to tail him.

Categories: Beverages, People

10Sword of Goujian

In 1965, Chinese archeologists discovered a 2400-year-old bronze sword (Sword of Goujian), untouched by corrosion, beautifully decorated and still sharp enough to cut with a touch.

Categories: Discovery, Weapons

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