Clashing Clauses: Unveiling 50 Intriguing Contract Stories

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1Dr. Phil's TV Advice Contracts

Dr. Phil's TV Advice Contracts

Phil lost his license to practice psychology in 2006. Therefore, all guests on his TV show have since then signed a contract stating they are only there to receive "advice" from an individual, not a psychologist.

2. There is a specific clause in The Simpsons' contract that prevents the network from giving notes, making cuts, or exerting creative control over episodes. This means the producers have free rein to poke fun at FOX itself.

3. When Wayne Rogers left MAS*H, the producers tried to sue him for breach of contract. They discovered that Rogers had never actually signed his contract, having objected to a morals clause, and that he had been a free agent the entire time.

4. Nike imposed conditions before giving rookie Michael Jordan a record contract: He had to either be rookie of the year, average 20 ppg, be an all-star, or sell $4 million worth of shoes in a year. Jordan not only met but exceeded these conditions, becoming rookie of the year, scoring 28.2 ppg, and achieving all-star status. Nike sold $100 million worth of shoes in 1984-85.

5. Brad Pitt attempted to buy himself out of the movie 'Interview with the Vampire.' Upon learning about the $40 million exit clause, he decided to proceed with the film. It went on to receive two Oscar nominations and launch Kirsten Dunst's career.

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6Jordan's Love of Basketball

Jordan's Love of Basketball

Michael Jordan had a clause in his contract called "For the Love of the Game" that allowed him to play basketball anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

7. NBA player Allen Iverson signed a lifetime endorsement contract with Reebok in 2001 that would pay him $800,000 a year until he reaches age 55, at which point he would receive a final lump sum payment of $32,000,000.

8. Paris holds an annual contest to find the city's best baguette. Around 200 bakers each submit two eligible baguettes to be graded on quality, look, smell, taste, and crunch. The winner receives €4000 and a contract to supply the French president with fresh baguettes every day for one year.

9. When Jimi Hendrix played Woodstock, he had a clause in his contract that prohibited any acts from playing after him. Due to scheduling and technical issues, he didn't perform until 9 a.m. on Monday, by which time most people had gone home and missed his legendary set.

10. Adidas has a clause in its contract that allows them to terminate the deal if the player belongs to any organization or association representing the principles of L. Ron Hubbard (i.e., Scientology).

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11Van Halen's M&Ms Check

Van Halen's M&Ms Check

American Rock Band Van Halen had a "no brown M&Ms" clause in their contracts, which was designed to ensure that venues adhered to the safety standards outlined in the contract. If there were brown M&Ms present, it served as a telltale sign that the venue might not be in compliance.

12. William Shatner directed 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier' due to a clause in his contract dating back to the original series. This clause ensured that whatever Leonard Nimoy received, Shatner would too. After Nimoy directed 'Star Trek IV', Shatner insisted on his turn at directing a movie.

13. Samuel Jackson has a clause in his film contracts that grants him the freedom to play golf during film shoots whenever he desires.

14. Voice actress Julie Kavner, who voiced Marge in The Simpsons, has a clause in her contract exempting her from promoting herself on camera as Marge's voice.

15. Lionel Messi's first contract with FC Barcelona was written on a restaurant napkin during a meeting with executives. That napkin is now securely held in a safe at Credit Andorra Bank.

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16Kaufman's Tony Clifton Contract

Kaufman's Tony Clifton Contract

Actor Andy Kaufman insisted that his alter ego, Tony Clifton, a drunken, cigarette-smoking lounge singer/insult comic, have guest appearances on ABC sitcom Taxi with a separate contract. After showing up to set with two prostitutes, Clifton was fired. A week later, Andy returned as if nothing had happened.

17. Jeremy Meeks, a member of the Crips street gang, gained a modeling contract based on his attractive mugshot while he was still in jail. He served 13 months and walked in NY Fashion Week a year later. Within five years of his release, he also walked in Milan Fashion Week, helped launch a fashion line, acted, and more.

18. After an Iranian government contract for a British company was given to Siemens instead, a British embassy investigation revealed that Siemens' Iranian sales agent allowed the Shah to sleep with his wife in exchange for the contract.

19. Carrie Chapman Catt, the women's suffrage leader of the early 20th century, included a special clause in her 1890 wedding prenuptials. This clause guaranteed her four months of free time every year so she could campaign to secure women's right to vote in the US.

20. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, added a clause to his contract with Paramount specifying that if anyone actually made a functioning tricorder, they would automatically earn the right to call it a tricorder if they wanted to.

21MLB's Player Trade Clause

MLB's Player Trade Clause

In Major League Baseball, there's a trading clause known as the "player to be named later." Thanks to its ambiguous nature, four MLB players have been traded for themselves (as of 2023).

22. In 1965, a 90-year-old Frenchwoman named Jeanne Calment, who had no heirs, signed a contract with a 47-year-old lawyer, giving him her apartment upon her death. However, he had to pay her a monthly allowance until she died. Surprisingly, she outlived him, and his widow continued the payments, ultimately receiving approximately double the value of the apartment. She died in 1997 at the age of 122.

23. F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen nearly bankrupted his Lotus team. They included a €50,000 bonus per point in his contract, thinking he wouldn't score many. However, Kimi scored 390 in two years, including 15 podiums and two race wins.

24. Jackie Mitchell was a female minor league pitcher who struck out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig back-to-back in 1928. Babe Ruth was furious about the outcome. The Baseball Commissioner took his side and voided her contract, claiming baseball to be "too strenuous" for women. In 1952, the MLB officially banned women from playing, a prohibition that was not rescinded until 1992.

25. Boris Mikhailov, captain of the USSR hockey team, was offered a $1 million contract to leave Russia in 1980 after the Miracle on Ice. He declined the offer, as KGB agents were standing next to him when the offer was made.

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