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1551. Carrie Fisher-Carrie Fisher once delivered a cow tongue inside a Tiffany box to a predatory producer who had assaulted her friend, Heather Ross. Along with it was a note that said, “if you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box!”


1552. Williamina Fleming-In the 1880s, the Harvard Observatory director was frustrated with his staff, and would say “My Scottish maid could do better!” So, he hired his Scottish maid. Williamina Fleming ran a team for decades, classified tens of thousands of stars, and discovered many white dwarfs and the Horsehead Nebula.


1553. Boosie Badazz’s Fan-In 2020, a fan drove three hours to deliver rapper, Boosie Badazz, a much-needed dosage of insulin. She refused to accept any payment and instead asked for just a photo. On her way home, she stopped at a store, bought a scratch-off ticket, and won $10,000.


1554. Millennial Dads-Millennial dads are spending 3 times as much time with their kids than their fathers spent with them. Back in 1982, 43% of fathers admitted they’d never changed a diaper. Today, that number is down to about 3%.


1555. Costo Hot Dogs-The price of a Costco’s hot dog has remained $1.50 since it was first introduced in 1984. After the company president complained that they were losing money on it, Costco’s CEO Jim Sinegal put his foot down, saying “If you raise [the price of] the effing hot dog, I will kill you.”


1556. Mary Whiton Calkins-In the mid-1890s, Mary Whiton Calkins completed all requirements towards a Ph.D. in Psychology, but Harvard University refused to award her that degree because she was a woman.


1557. Decoy Shoppers-The inventor of shopping carts, Sylvan Goldman, had to hire “decoy shoppers” to wheel the carts around stores and demonstrate their convenience, as it had not caught on initially.


1558. Battling Cancer-Many doctors have stopped calling cancer treatment a “fight” or “battle.” They argue that these terms misrepresent how treatment works and if treatments fail, the patient is left with guilt and a false belief that they didn’t “fight” hard enough.


1559. Fugitive Slave Treaty-Slaveholders in the US knew that enslaved people were escaping to Mexico. So USA tried to get Mexico to sign a fugitive slave treaty, but Mexico refused to sign such a treaty, insisting that all enslaved people were free once they set foot on Mexican soil.


1560. William George Barker-By 1918, Canadian fighter ace William George Barker had already survived 3 years of war, having blown up 46 enemy planes. On his last flight before going home, he shot down an enemy plane, which turned out to be a bait. 60 German fighters descended on him at once and one explosive bullet shattered his right thighbone. He turned his plane around and plowed through the squadron taking down two planes and in the process injured his other good leg. He fainted and regained consciousness after freefalling 6000 feet. He regained control and again plowed through two more planes before his left elbow was shattered, fainting again. He then regained consciousness only to crash his plane headfirst at 90 mph. He went into a coma and woke up two days after the war ended.





  1. Would you mind if I started to post these facts on iFunny? I really think people would love them and I would of course credit and link your website.

  2. Your page (re)numbering makes it almost impossible to find something on your site. The search option doesn’t seem very helpful.. I tried to search for Harris Rosen or Fact #62 after seeing it on Bored Panda, but had to do a brute force search to find this page…

  3. I just went through all the facts pages. A few things I’ve noticed:
    1. #451-#470 (pgs 46 & 47) have images that are broken.
    2. #841-#1140 (pgs 85-114) are complete duplicates of earlier pages.

    • Thank you for your valuable feedback. Last night we implemented a new page numbering system for our fact cards. I really messed up with facts #451-#470 which I have fixed now. I have fixed the other problem too.

  4. Just stumbled onto your site via an Imgur post. Cool stuff.

    Re. one of the citations above: “The oldest D20 dice was uncovered in Egypt…”

    One “die,” many “dice.” The headline in the source given had it right; “Ancient d20 die emerges from the ashes of time.”

    Credibility is always enhanced by proper grammar.

  5. I really enjoy your site. I visit it regularly at this period of my life to use up time, while entertaining myself, and increase my awareness of life through the amazing insights into stories behind what we often overlook. It is almost therapeutic I would think! For one thing, I feel grateful not to be one of the warped personalities you often report on, but on the other hand, I feel sorry for the suffering that is really behind so many people you note through our shared history, who have the apparency of many successes, but are in fact imperfect and suffering souls like all of us, on the road to something better we hope eh?

    • History gives us an opportunity to look into the mistake our ancestors made, but also the feats they achieved. The lives they suffered, so that the future generations could have the freedom. I am happy to have been part of such an important part of your life, Stuart.

  6. I’m sure it’s like asking a magician how his tricks are done, but I would love to know the workings of the research you have to go through to find/verify everything I’ve read on your site. To say they are entertaining would be an insult. I read several pages daily. I have found them to be fascinating, educational, informative, and downright important.

    When I was a child and went on long road trips with my parents, my Mom would would bring a box of Trivial Pursuit cards to read and ask questions to pass the time for everyone in the car…My Wife now reads these to our kids on our vacations.

    Do you take fact submissions, or do you rely on your own people to research and present them to your team/site? The only thing I can say about your site, is some click ads could be modified or even done away with. Political opinion polls, etc…I would sooner see and ad for shaving cream that some of those useless and probably biased ads (not you, just the people conducting them) But, I love what you do and am so glad that your site exists!

    • Thank you Ryan. It’s the readers like you who keep us going. It gives us immense pleasure to know that you love reading facts on our site. We do take submissions. About 10% of our facts come from submissions. You too can submit facts by filling out this form Contact Us. The ads are what keeps the servers running. We don’t take any donations, use patreon or sell merch on our site so ads are how we generate income. Though, we will take your advice to tone down the ads (we can’t really see what kind of ad our readers see as it’s decided by Google).

  7. 1454: She wasn’t found “shortly” after, which might imply that 911 had tried to help and just didn’t arrive in time; she was found HOURS after.

  8. Each of these pages of facts should have its own page for commenting instead of many fact pages and only one place to comment. I’d also delete my post about each fact having its own page since the aforementioned idea is better, but I can’t.

  9. I love this website I use it all the time and it allows me to attain info that I have been able to use irl all the time. Keep up the great work!

  10. Also Rickinator for 610 killing bears is not a good thing due to most species of bears being endangered it is just a fact/statistic


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