Secrets in Plain Sight: 40 Little-Known Codes All Around Us


In today’s world, the use of secret codes and ciphers may seem like something from a bygone era, but in reality, they are still very much present in our daily lives. From encrypted messaging apps to hidden symbols in art, secret codes are all around us. They are used by governments and organizations to protect sensitive information, and by individuals to keep their personal communications private. In this article, we will explore the current uses of secret codes.

21"Bring Roses"

In online dating ads, if the girl mentions to bring roses, it is code for money and means she's a prostitute.



Any US aircraft using the code name "FLYNET" indicates that an aircraft is transporting a nuclear emergency team or a disaster control team to the location of a potential or actual nuclear accident or an accident involving chemical agents or hazardous materials.

23Code Pink

Code Pink

Code Pink in some hospitals can mean a missing baby, and the initiation of an all-staff response.



If you hear a flight attendant say "deadhead," they're referring to a crew member who is on duty, but is heading home after the flight.

257500 Hijack Code

7500 Hijack Code

"7500!" You never want your pilot to say or signal this number. It means the plane has been hijacked. Because the meaning of this code has become pretty widespread, many airlines have installed a button or other device in the cockpit that silently switches the plane’s transponder to 7500

26Code White

Code White

Code White' inside a Walmart indicates an accident or incident that requires attention. Once a 'Code White' announcement is made, a Walmart Manager rushes to the area or department where the issue had occurred.

27Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End

The euphemisms "Rose Cottage" and "Rainbow's End" are sometimes used in British hospitals to enable discussion of death in front of patients, the latter mainly for children. A similar phrase used is: "transferred to ward 13", as hospitals in the UK routinely do not have such a ward.

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28Code Adam

Code Adam

"Code Adam", is a system at several American retailers that's activated in the event of a missing child. It is named after Adam Walsh (who was murdered) son of John Walsh, former host of America's Most Wanted.

29Dr. Strong

Dr. Strong

American hospitals may make an announcement calling for "Mr. [or Dr.] Strong", as code to alert orderlies that a patient or visitor at a stated location is in need of physical restraint.

30Motorcyclist Code

Motorcyclist Code

When a motorcyclist taps his helmet it means there are cops up ahead.


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