Secrets in Plain Sight: 40 Little-Known Codes All Around Us


In today’s world, the use of secret codes and ciphers may seem like something from a bygone era, but in reality, they are still very much present in our daily lives. From encrypted messaging apps to hidden symbols in art, secret codes are all around us. They are used by governments and organizations to protect sensitive information, and by individuals to keep their personal communications private. In this article, we will explore the current uses of secret codes.

1Inspector Sands

Inspector Sands

"Inspector Sands" is a fictitious person used by the British public transport to alert staff of a potential bomb threat. For example they can say "Will Inspector Sands please report to the operating room".

2437737 Code

437737 Code

437737 means Herpes in online dating. Apparently if a person puts that number in their profile it means they have herpes and they want to let people know without getting embarrassed.

3Treasured Guests

Treasured Guests

Disney uses code names in their park. Rude visitors are called 'Treasured Guests' by the staff members and vomit is called 'Protein Spill.' Kids peeing in the pool is called 'Code Winnie and ' when guest Illegally spread ashes in the part, the code used by the staff 'White Powder Alert.'

4Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson

American Airlines routinely transports dead bodies in the cargo hold of a plane. Each body is referred to as a "Jim Wilson" by the flight crew.

5Ask for Angela

Ask for Angela

"Ask for Angela" is the name of a campaign in England that started in 2016. It is used by bars and other venues to keep people safe from sexual assault by using this codeword to identify when they are in danger or are in an uncomfortable situation. When an establishment uses this program, a person who believes themselves to be in danger can "Ask for Angela", a fictitious member of the staff. The staff will then help the person get home discreetly and safely by either escorting them to a different room, calling them a taxi and escorting them to it, or by asking the other party member to leave the establishment

6Nora Secret Code

Nora Secret Code

Sephora employees use a code word named "Nora" to identify Potential Shoplifters. The acronym for NORA is Need Officer Right Away.

7Mr. Johnson is in theater number three

Mr. Johnson is in theater number three

Movie theater employees may say, "Mr. Johnson is in theater number three" to indicate that there is a fire or smoke in that theater. Nightclubs and bars often use the name "Mr. Sands."

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8House in Virginia

House in Virginia

Emergency Medical Responders have a code that someone has a "House in Virginia", or give the other responders a high five on the way out of the door to let the other responders know that the patient has a bloodborne pathogen risk ( like HIV+) and that they may want to double glove.

910-100 Police Code

10-100 Police Code

If you hear a 10-100 over the police dispatch radio it means that the officer is busy in the bathroom. 10-200 is the code for poop and will be 10-8 (clear) as soon as he finishes up.

10Black Ring Code

Black Ring Code

Any man or woman who wears a black ring on their dominant hand ring-finger means they are in the 'Lifestyle' (also known as Swingers!)


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