Random #385 – 50 Quirky and Intriguing Facts You Need to Know

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1Toy Thief 'Roofman' Escapades

Toy Thief 'Roofman' Escapades

'Roofman,' a thief and fugitive, used to gift stolen toys to children. He operated from a clandestine hideout situated in a Toys R Us store. During the night, he indulged in biking, raced remote-control cars on the rooftop, consumed baby food, and tampered with employees' schedules. To cover his tracks, he fabricated tales about holding a covert government position to his girlfriend and others.

2. Ben Franklin, although a slaveowner for a considerable part of his life, experienced a shift in perspective after accompanying a friend to a school for black children. He acknowledged that African ignorance stemmed not from inherent nature but from a lack of education, the institution of slavery, and adverse environments. Franklin even advocated before Congress for the abolition of slavery.

3. In 2017, a 6-year-old girl utilized Amazon Alexa to order a $160 dollhouse along with four pounds of cookies. Following a news report by a San Diego TV station on this incident, the phrase "Alexa ordered me a dollhouse" triggered Alexa devices across the city, prompting attempted dollhouse purchases.

4. Nicolas Cage, in his proposal to Patricia Arquette, was tasked with acquiring peculiar items to demonstrate his affection. These items included J.D. Salinger's autograph, a Bob's Big Boy statue, a black orchid, and a Hill Tribe wedding outfit. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenge, he managed to procure them all.

5. Doc Holliday, renowned as a Wild West gambler and gunslinger, harbored the belief that he would meet his end in a shootout with his boots on. However, fate had a different plan, as he succumbed to tuberculosis in a hospital bed. In his final moments, he humorously remarked on his bare feet, expressing, "This is funny," before passing away.

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6The Enigmatic 299.5 Bowling Game

The Enigmatic 299.5 Bowling Game

In 1905, James Blackstone bowled a game, officially scoring 299.5. The final frame saw a pin split in half, with one portion remaining upright, leading to the unusual score.

7. Devin Gaines achieved the remarkable feat of obtaining five bachelor's degrees concurrently within five years from the University of Connecticut. After accumulating 276 credits, he graduated in May 2007. Tragically, just two months later, in July, he met his demise in a gravel pit quarry while swimming with friends.

8. John Bentinck, the 5th Duke of Portland, lived an extremely reclusive life. For two decades, only a single servant had sight of him; not even his physician had access. He constructed a labyrinth of tunnels spanning 15 miles beneath his estate, featuring an expansive ballroom that never hosted any dances. Every space within his mansion and the underground tunnels was coated in pink paint.

9. All polar bears encountered in Iceland are promptly shot. As non-native inhabitants, they pose a significant risk due to hunger resulting from drifting over from Greenland on ice floes. The logistical challenges and costs involved make it impractical to relocate them back to their native habitat.

10. The population of Ancient Rome was estimated to be one million, a milestone not matched in a European capital until the early 1800s, when London's population reached the same figure.

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11Newton's Mint Master Role

Newton's Mint Master Role

Sir Isaac Newton received the prestigious appointment of Master of the Royal Mint as recognition for his scientific accomplishments. Initially perceived as a no-show job position with minimal responsibilities, Newton approached it with earnestness. He personally pursued counterfeiters and undertook the task of revaluing the currency, devoting significant attention to the role, contrary to expectations.

12. Upon Jack Benny's demise in 1974, his will stipulated a touching gesture for his widow, Mary Livingstone. It arranged for a single long-stemmed red rose to be delivered daily to her for the remainder of her life. This ritual continued for eight and a half years until her passing in 1983.

13. The founder of Sony demonstrated an unconventional approach to improvement by hiring a vocal critic of their products. This decision aimed to foster the creation of superior products. Remarkably, two decades later, the once-critic ascended to the position of president within Sony.

14. In 2006, tragedy struck when three individuals inadvertently wandered into a pool of scalding hot water while returning from Yellowstone National Park in darkness. This unfortunate incident claimed the life of a young woman among the group.

15. 19th-century French philanthropist Alexandre Vattemare initially trained as a surgeon and later ventured into ventriloquism. However, his unorthodox methods during surgical exercises, where he made cadavers appear to speak, led to his denial of a medical diploma.

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16Arkansas Pronunciation Mandate

Arkansas Pronunciation Mandate

Pronouncing "Arkansas" as "Arkansaw" is mandated by Arkansas state law. This pronunciation stems from the French interpretation of the indigenous name for the region, reflected in the "-as" ending. In 1881, the state legislature passed a law honoring this French spelling and the indigenous pronunciation, cementing its use.

17. When faced with a threat, a female quokka may resort to a unique survival tactic. In a bid to distract predators and ensure her own escape, she may drop her joey from her pouch, sacrificing her offspring's safety for her own.

18. Projections indicate a concerning trend in global water demand and supply. By the year 2030, it is anticipated that demand for water will surpass available supply by 40%, with 11 major cities around the world anticipated to endure the most significant impacts of this imbalance.

19. Keira Knightley's noteworthy roles in films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" and "Love Actually" were undertaken when she was merely 17 years old.

20. New York City faces a staggering accumulation of unpaid parking tickets and speeding fines, amounting to over $1 billion.

21Alcohol Dependence Recovery Stats

Alcohol Dependence Recovery Stats

Approximately 75% of individuals who overcome alcohol dependence do so without seeking any form of assistance, including specialized alcohol rehabilitation programs or participation in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Only a mere 13% of those grappling with alcohol dependence ever access specialized alcohol treatment.

22. The recipient of the 2021 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine was a study that investigated the efficacy of'sex with orgasm' as a nasal decongestant. The research concluded that this activity was as effective in relieving nasal congestion as a commercial decongestant for a duration of at least 60 minutes.

23. In a significant crackdown in 2015, authorities in the People's Republic of China seized over 100,000 tons of illicit frozen meat, some of which had been in storage for over 40 years.

24. Abraham Lincoln once wagered a fur hat so that he could lift a barrel of whiskey from the ground and drink from it. To the amazement of onlookers, he succeeded in accomplishing this feat, winning the bet in the process.

25. The renowned artwork "Saturn Devouring His Son" was discovered posthumously, directly painted onto the dining room wall of the artist. The painting lacked a title, with the identification of Saturn being presumed based on the subject matter depicted.

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