Inside Fraternities and Sororities: 30 Revealing Facts

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26Fraternity Members in Crisis Response

Fraternity Members in Crisis Response

Amidst the chaos of the University of Texas Tower Shooting in 1966, several fraternity members and hunting enthusiasts hastily retrieved rifles from their homes and vehicles, responding to officers' instructions to shoot to kill.

27. The Beastie Boys' song "Fight for Your Right" was originally intended as a satirical commentary on frat culture. The band expressed disappointment when audiences misconstrued it as an endorsement of the behavior it lampooned.

28. In 2017, a frat party held in a Maryland residence registered positive on a breathalyzer due to the excessive presence of alcohol in the air.

29. During the Australian national rugby team's 1912 tour of the US and Canada, poor performance was attributed to their accommodation in college fraternity houses, where rampant partying led to insufficient rest. One team member remarked, "We were never in bed. That was the trouble. I've never had such a time in my life."

30. Tragically, a fraternity hazing incident at Chicago State University resulted in the death of a pledge in 2005. Matthew Carrington was subjected to strenuous calisthenics in sewage and forced consumption of five gallons of water, leading to fatal water intoxication while four students stood witness.

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