Get Ready to Be Weirded Out: 45 Bizarre Facts



There are 328 human people named “Abcde” in the United States.

2Disco Demolition Night

Disco Demolition Night

In 1979, a stadium hosted Disco Demolition Night. The cost was ¢99 if you brought a disco record. 50,000 people showed up to see them blow up the records in between games. Thousands rushed the field in a frenzy. This is referred to as “The Night Disco Died” and is linked to the decline of the genre.

3Virgin boy eggs

Virgin boy eggs

Virgin boy eggs is a traditional springtime dish from Dongyang, China in which eggs are boiled in the urine of young peasant boys, preferably under the age of 10. The eggs have been listed by officials in China as a part of the region’s “local intangible cultural heritage.”

4Charles Domery

Charles Domery

Charles Domery was an 18th-century soldier known for his immense appetite. During his service, he ate dozens of live cats, pounds of raw meat and grass, and once tried to eat a companion's severed leg before it was wrestled from him.

5Project Steve

Project Steve

A conservative think tank compiled a list of 700 scientists who publicly rejected evolution in favor of creationism. In response, the NCSE launched “Project Steve” and found 1,250 scientists named Steve who supported evolution.

6Pedro Lascuráin

Pedro Lascuráin

Pedro Lascuráin (34th president of Mexico) holds the record for the shortest presidency in the world. He was in office for only 45 minutes and then quit.

7David Johnson

David Johnson

David Johnson a.k.a “World Famous Bushman” is a busker who scares passers-by along Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. He has been active since 1980. When people approach, he shakes the bush towards the unsuspecting tourists and startles them, sometimes making gruff “oogah-boogah” noises.

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8Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage

In 1848, Phineas Gage, a railroad foreman, had a tamping iron--which was 43 inches long and weighed 13 pounds--shoot through his skull. He survived but Gage’s friends later remarked he was “no longer Gage.” He could not stick to plans, uttered “the grossest profanity” and showed “little deference for his fellows.”

9Ann Hodges

Ann Hodges

There has only been only one confirmed case of a person being hit by a meteor. Ann Hodges was napping on the couch when the rock broke through her ceiling, bounced off her radio and bruised her upper thigh. The Sylacauga meteorite fell on her on November 30, 1954.



Hoover was a "talking" harbor seal who mimicked human speech. After being orphaned as a pup, Hoover was rescued by George Swallow, who raised the seal in his backyard. Over time, Hoover taught himself phrases like "Hello there" and "Come over here!" in a thick New England accent.

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