Art of Cinema: 50 Hidden Movie Details Revealed – Part 7

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1 Real Money in Goodfellas (1990)

Real Money in Goodfellas (1990)

In “Goodfellas” (1990), Robert De Niro didn’t like how fake money felt in his hand and insisted on using real money. So, the prop master withdrew several thousand dollars of his own money to use. At the end of each take, no one was allowed to leave the set until all the money was returned and counted.

2 Incredibles: A Missed Punch

Incredibles: A Missed Punch

In “The Incredibles” (2004), when Helen arrives to rescue Bob and punches Mirage, you can see that Helen also attempted to punch Bob, but he dodged it.

3 Morgan Freeman’s Lego Outtake

Morgan Freeman's Lego Outtake

In “The Lego Movie” (2014), Vitruvius says, “All right, we gotta write all that down ’cause I’m not gonna remember any of it, but here we go.” This was actually an outtake of Morgan Freeman getting frustrated with his lines being changed. The directors added it in as a joke. (Video in Source)

4 The Truman Show’s Real Twins

The Truman Show's Real Twins

Ron and Don Taylor, two police officers who were serving as security guards on the set of “The Truman Show” (1998), played the identical twins. Director Peter Weir saw how friendly they were with the film’s cast and crew, so he hired them as actors.

5 The Simpsons Movie Callback

The Simpsons Movie Callback

In “The Simpsons Movie” (2007), in a particular frame, you could still see Homer’s crashed ambulance from season 2 of the show.

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6 Disney’s Pioneering Character

Disney's Pioneering Character

Chicha from “The Emperor’s New Groove” (2000) is the first pregnant female character to appear in a Disney animated feature film, according to the DVD commentary. She’s also one of the first mother characters in a Disney film not to be killed off or villainized.

7 Zootopia’s Buffalo Reference

Zootopia's Buffalo Reference

In “Zootopia” (2016), Chief Bogo wears eyeglasses to read documents. This is a reference to the fact that buffaloes have poor eyesight. In a Q&A session, the directors confirmed this fact.

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8 Interstellar’s Docking Detail

Interstellar's Docking Detail

In the docking scene in “Interstellar” (2014), one can notice that Cooper tries to push his head in the opposite direction of the spin, while Brand keeps hers toward the spin, resulting in her blacking out. A subtle detail to show how he’s the more experienced one.

9 Unintended Destruction in Inglourious Basterds

Unintended Destruction in Inglourious Basterds

In “Inglourious Basterds” (2009), when the cinema is burning, the giant swastika above the screen falls to the ground. According to Eli Roth, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The swastika was reinforced with steel cables, but the steel liquefied and snapped due to the intense heat.

10 Doom Connection in Thor: Ragnarok

Doom Connection in Thor: Ragnarok

In “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017), Taika Waititi recreated the Doom cover with Skurge. Karl Urban, who portrays Skurge, also portrayed the main character in the “Doom” movie, which came out in 2005.

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