Art of Cinema: 50 Movie Details You May Have Missed – Part 8

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1 Coco Skeleton in Sid’s Shirt

Coco Skeleton in Sid's Shirt

In “Coco” (2017), a skeleton is seen wearing Sid’s shirt from “Toy Story” (1995).

2 Voldemort’s Wand Hook

Voldemort's Wand Hook

In “Harry Potter” (2007), Ralph Fiennes requested the addition of a hook to Voldemort’s wand so that he could move more fluidly and “snake-like” without the wand falling from his hand.

3 Mark Hamill’s Children Cameo

Mark Hamill's Children Cameo

In “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017), three of the rebel soldiers are portrayed by Mark Hamill’s children: Nathan Hamill, Chelsea Hamill, and Griffin Hamill.

4 Amelia Bones Murder Report

Amelia Bones Murder Report

In “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” (2009), a newspaper reports the murder of a witch named Amelia Bones at her home. She was the witch who defended Harry in “The Order of the Phoenix” (2007).

5 Brave Logo Easter Egg

Brave Logo Easter Egg

In “Brave” (2012), you can spot Merida and her mother hidden in the movie’s logo, located at the top left of the letters B and E.

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6 Joker’s Goons’ Codenames

Joker's Goons' Codenames

Each of the Joker’s goons has a codename during the bank robbery scene in “The Dark Knight” (2008), with the majority of them being references to “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The Joker’s codename is never spoken on screen, but if you have the captions on, you’ll discover it’s “Bozo.”

7 The Truman Show Founder Cameo

The Truman Show Founder Cameo

In “The Truman Show” (1998), the couple at the table are Daryl Davis and Robert Davis, the founders of Seaside, the town where the movie was filmed. They agreed to grant filming permission in return for a cameo.

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8 Director’s “RoboCop” Dance Cameo


In “RoboCop” (1987), director Paul Verhoeven makes a cameo appearance as a manic dancer. He was actually trying to inspire the extras to dance and didn’t know he was being filmed.

9 Rick Baker’s Alien Role

Rick Baker's Alien Role

Rick Baker, a renowned SFX artist who worked on all three “MIB” movies, plays the alien with an exposed brain in “Men in Black 3” (2012).

10 Tom Cruise’s Coin Trick

Tom Cruise's Coin Trick

During the vault scene in “Mission: Impossible” (1996), Tom Cruise kept hitting his head when attempting to hover inches off the floor, so he placed English pound coins in his shoes to maintain his balance.

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