85 Adventurous Facts About Kids To Help You Relive Your Childhood

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76Russian law

Russian law

Russia has laws to fine parents for "failing to perform parental duties for raising minors" if their kids act up.

77. In 1982, a 15-year-old runaway lived in an elevator shaft for 2 months. He rewired the elevator to work as he wanted, and was caught when residents smelled cooking hot dogs.

78. Two kids named Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrottato spent two years recreating Toy Story in its entirety shot by shot.

79. There is a camp for kids with Tourette Syndrome called Camp Twitch and Shout.

80. Kids are more inclined to turn to their pets than their siblings for support when faced with adversity, even though they know their pets don't actually understand what they are saying.

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81Louis Abernathy and Temple Abernathy

Louis Abernathy and Temple Abernathy

In 1911, two kids named Louis Abernathy and Temple Abernathy rode on horseback alone from New York to San Francisco in 62 days.

82. In 2012, an educator named Sugata Mitra installed a networked PC in a New Delhi slum and left it there for children to freely explore. Kids from one of the most desperately poor areas of the world, without instruction, quickly learned how the PC operated, and taught each other, easily exploring via online connectivity.

83. A trishaw puller in China, Bai Fang Li financed the education of over 300 poor kids. Over the years, the distance he peddled to sponsor the kids was close to 18 times around the equator. When he died thousands came to say goodbye.

84. The Soviet Union had a children's program at 8:30 every weeknight that would end with a lullaby at 9:00 telling kids it's time to go to bed. This program still airs to this day in Russia.

85. The creator of Atari (Nolan Bushnell) also created Chuck E. Cheese as a way to get kids to play Atari video games.

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