85 Adventurous Facts About Kids To Help You Relive Your Childhood

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26Inside Out

Inside Out

In the Japanese localization of "Inside Out," Pixar replaced the scenes involving broccoli with bell peppers because Japanese kids don't think broccoli is gross.

27. In the Broken Toy Experiment, 2-year-old kids were given toys that were rigged to break spectacularly. Those who showed the most guilt went on to have fewer behavioral problems later on.

28. In 2008, Nebraska implemented a law to allow parents to drop off unwanted newborns at safe havens. The law didn't state an age limit, and nearly all the children abandoned were over 10 years old, some were even 17.

29. There is a dinosaur heavy metal band named Hevisaurus in Finland that is incredibly popular with children.

30. Babies learn a language by hearing it, but they must hear it spoken directly to them in person by another human being. As little as 12 hours with a human tutor produces dramatic results in babies, compared with no results even after many more hours of exposure to foreign language TV shows.

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31Zip code 12345

Zip code 12345

General Electric in Schenectady, New York has the zip code 12345 and receives thousands of letters to Santa yearly from kids who guess Santa's address. Employees there often use their breaks to write response letters.

32. A former bonded child laborer named Iqbal Masih from Pakistan escaped the carpet factory at the age of 10, helped free over 3000 kids from slavery, helped bring down Pakistani carpet exports by $34 million, before being murdered at the age of 13.

33. Wendy's founder Dave Thomas worried kids may see his success as a high school dropout an excuse to do the same, so he went back to high school to earn his GED decades later.

34. The term "Stranger Danger" may leave children more susceptible to abuse because it puts focus on strangers when in reality 93% of children know their abuser.

35. Children born blind still smile, meaning smiling is not a learned response. It is something humans do innately.

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36Cinderella Law

Cinderella Law

South Korea bans children aged under 16 from playing online games between midnight and 6 am under a so-called "Cinderella Law".

37. An Oregon couple, with 2 disabled children of their own, launched a non-profit called "Magic Wheelchair" that develops and hand-crafts Halloween costume options for wheelchair-bound children.

38. In 1983, Kansas City Chiefs running back Joe Delaney died attempting to save 3 children from drowning. Despite being unable to swim, Delaney told a bystander there: ‘I’ve got to save those kids. If I don’t come up, get somebody,’ before rushing into the water.

39. In 2013, a 17-year old kid named Tyler Hadley murdered his parents and hid their bodies in a locked bedroom so he could throw a huge house party.

40. The video "Runaway" Train by Soul Asylum had different versions depending in what country it was shown. They each showed photos and videos of missing kids from the areas where it was shown. 26 kids from the video were eventually found.

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41Walter Chrysler

Walter Chrysler

The Chrysler Corporation didn't pay for the construction of the Chrysler Building. Walter Chrysler paid for it himself because he wanted his kids to inherit it.

42. Harriet Tubman never lost a slave in 19 trips on the Underground Railroad. One of her secrets for not getting caught was drugging kids with opium to keep them from crying.

43. In early 1900s, German kids used to die from diarrhea until a doctor named Ernst Moro invented carrot stew which saved thousands of lives.

44. A kid named Sawyer Rosenstein who was paralyzed by a bully's punch has been awarded a settlement of $4.2 million after proving the school knew about the bully's tendencies and did nothing to prevent his attack.

45. Doctor Who was originally an educational show, with episodes set in the future to teach kids about science, and episodes set in the past to teach them history.



We typically do not start to think of foods as "too sweet" until our bone growth stops. Younger children have virtually no limit to the amount of sugar they find palatable.

47. In the 1790s, the Guillotine was so popular, they made child sized one for kids to behead their dolls and rodents, and the wealthy had tiny ones on their dining table, for slicing bread.

48. A boy named David Vetter got his own NASA space suit. He lived in a bubble for all his life since he had a disease that left him defenseless against germs. The suit allowed him to go outside and play. Although the procedure to put it on was complicated, he could finally go and learn with kids his age.

49. When researchers offered kids broccoli or a chocolate bar, four out of five picked the chocolate but when an Elmo sticker was placed on the broccoli, 50 % chose the broccoli.

50. The Koosh Ball, the non-bouncing rubber ball once described as a "cross between a porcupine and a bowl of Jell-O", was invented because some kids were not good at playing catch. Its invention is chronicled in the book, The Secret History of Balls.

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