60 Horrid Facts About Adolf Hitler Everyone Should Know

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26"Reductio ad Hitlerum"

“Reductio ad Hitlerum” is a term for trying to derail an argument by comparing it to Hitler’s or the Nazi party’s views.

27. Hitler’s doctor injected him with a solution of water and methamphetamine, which he called “vitamultin.” He kept a diary of the drugs he administered to Hitler, usually by injection (up to 20 times per day). The list included drugs such as heroin as well as poisons.

28. Hitler’s chief architect, Albert Speer, was an adherent of the “theory of ruin value”: the architectural goal of constructing buildings that later collapse into aesthetically pleasing ruins over the course of thousands of years.

29. In 1944, on the verge of the Liberation of Paris, Hitler ordered its governor to leave it in a “pile of rubble,” and destroy all religious and historical monuments. The Governor refused, saving Paris.

30. U.S. Congress brings up Hitler 7.7 times per month.

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31Yakov Stalin

Yakov Stalin

Hitler had captured Stalin’s son as a prisoner of war and offered to exchange him with a German Marshal prisoner. Stalin responded, “I will not trade a Marshal for a Lieutenant.”

32. Hitler was a creepy uncle to his Niece Geli Raubal, forbidding her to marry, having her accompanied everywhere and practically keeping her prisoner until she committed suicide in 1931, after which Hitler called her “The only woman he ever loved.”

33. In a poll of incoming Princeton University freshman in 1939, Adolf Hitler was chosen as the “greatest living person.” Albert Einstein who was a Princeton professor at the time came in second.

34. Under Hitler, wage-earners’ health care became unlimited, and maternity leave was extended to 12 fully paid weeks with job protection.

35. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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The tax office of Munich sent Hitler a fine of 405.494 Reichsmarks for not paying taxes nor properly declaring his income. Instead of paying the new Führer simply declared himself tax-exempt.

37. In WW2, an American popular culture trend resulted in people graffiti-ing “Killroy was here” across Europe, which convinced Hitler that Kilroy was a spy and Stalin even investigated trying to find out who Kilroy was.

38. Hitler was never elected. He lost the presidential election of 1932 before being appointed Chancellor in ‘33, succeeding Hindenburg upon his death in '34, thereafter abolishing the office of president entirely.

39. Adolf Hitler promised to end the use of tobacco in the military after the end of the war and encouraged his close friends not to smoke. He even began to offer a gold watch to any of his inner circle who could quit.

40. In the 1936 Olympics, promoted by Hitler to prove that whites are superior, Peru beat Austria 4-2 in soccer, even though they had 3 other goals nullified. Later, the Olympic Committee nullified the match and scheduled a rematch, to be taken under close grounds. Peru withdrew from the Olympics.

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41Cocaine and semen injections

Cocaine and semen injections

Adolf Hitler farted uncontrollably, used cocaine to clear his sinuses, ingested some 28 drugs at a time, and received injections of bull testicle extracts to bolster his libido.

42. Nazi Germany stockpiled huge quantities of nerve gas during World War II. It was ultimately never used since Hitler was told (incorrectly) that the Allies had their own supply of nerve agents.

43. Before Nazis used the salute that is now commonly referred to as the "Hitler salute," Americans did it while saying the Pledge of Allegiance

44. Hitler planned to rebuild Berlin after the war into a neo-roman cosmopolitan city. One state building, the Volkshalle was to be so massive, that it could rain inside during events due to 150,000 peoples' perspiration and breath.

45. In 1937, a natural gas leak at the local school in New London, Texas caused a massive explosion that killed more than 295 students and teachers, the deadliest school disaster in US history. Adolf Hitler even sent his condolences via telegram.

46Theodor Morell

Theodor Morell

Hitler's doctor, Theodor Morell, was accused of being an allied sympathizer after it was found out that he had prescribed Hitler cocaine eye drops, methamphetamines, and E. Coli.

47. In 1919, a man named Michael Keogh stopped an angry mob of 200 men (some with bayonets) from killing two right winged political agents they were beating up. In 1930, at a Nuremberg rally, Keogh recognized one of the agents he had saved. It was Adolf Hitler.

48. Edelweiss Pirates were a loosely-organized group of youths in Nazi Germany dedicated to opposing the Hitler Youth. Their resistance included spreading ally propaganda in Germany, aiding German deserters, and even starting street fights with the Hitler Youth whenever possible.

49. When news of the Pearl Harbor attack arrived at Hitler’s headquarters, one of the assembled Nazi generals embarrassedly asked the rest of the group where Pearl Harbor was. Nobody was able to answer him and a world map had to be consulted.

50. When Nazi troops conquered Paris, the Kaiser (who was then living in exile) sent Hitler a telegram saying "Congratulations, you have won using my troops."

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