60 Horrid Facts About Adolf Hitler Everyone Should Know

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51Timur's curse

Timur's curse

A warlord and nobleman who controlled a vast swath of Asia during the 14th century, Timur (aka Tamerlane) was renowned as a military tactician whose warfare killed some 17 million people. He was also a celebrated patron of architecture and the arts, however. In 1941, Joseph Stalin sent a team of archaeologists to open Timur’s tomb in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, much to the alarm of local residents and Muslim clergy. Upon opening Timur’s coffin, the team discovered an inscription: “Whoever opens my tomb shall unleash an invader more terrible than I.” Within a matter of hours, Adolf Hitler’s troops invaded Russia; an estimated 26 million people died as a result. In 1942, Stalin ordered Timur’s remains to be reinterred back in Samarkand in accordance with Islamic tradition; shortly thereafter, the German army surrendered at Stalingrad, ending their campaign against the Russians.

52. Hitler used to have a full-sized mustache but was ordered to trim it down to a 'toothbrush' during WWI to better accommodate wearing a gas mask.

53. Adolf Hitler was adamant about not using poison gas on the battlefield in WWII as a result of his exposure to it during WWI.

54. During World War II, there was a double agent named Juan Pujol Garcia, who started a spy network consisting of 27 sub-agents of his own, all of them nonexistent. He submitted expense reports for them and had the Nazis giving him money to pay their salaries. He later received the Iron Cross, approved by Hitler himself.

55. The Volkswagen Beetle was commissioned by Adolf Hitler. It was to be the "People's Car", which is where Volkswagen got its name.

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562 square miles

2 square miles

In 1913, Hitler, Freud, Tito, Stalin, and Trotsky all lived within 2 square miles of each other in Vienna

57. Hitler had a relative called "Paddy Hitler" who ended up joining the US Navy, where, along with all recruits, he had to fill out a form listing any relatives who might be fighting for the enemy.

58. Hitler hid his relationship with Eva Braun because he believed that he was sexually attractive to women and wished to exploit this for political gain by remaining single, as he felt marriage would decrease his appeal

59. Hitler loved pranks. He once tricked a high ranking Nazi into thinking he was going on a suicide mission, causing him to escape, hand himself over to the allies and give up vital info.

60. Hitler's mustache style was popularly known as Rotzbremse, meaning 'snot brake'.

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