50 Things You Should Know About As a Fully Functioning Adult



Bleach is more effective at killing germs when it's diluted than when used neat. Bleach starts to lose potency after around 6 months. Bleach diluted with water is only good for about a day. Bleach is corrosive to stainless steel – wipe down with water or ethanol afterward if use is unavoidable.

42Pothole claim damage

Pothole claim damage

In Michigan, you can file a claim for damages if your vehicle was messed up by a pothole.



There is a .gov website that allows you to type in any doctor's name and see the type and monetary value of any kickbacks or perks that the doctor received from pharmaceutical companies/ drug reps, and the name of the company that gave the perks.



NASA will email you and let you know when and where the International Space Station will pass over your house. Just type in your zip code in their spot the station website.

45Learning new sport

Learning new sport

Learning a new sport or physical activity midlife can strengthen your brains functioning.

46Mobile WiFi/Data

Mobile WiFi/Data

Turning off WiFi/Data before you load a phone game will prevent any advertisements from loading, letting you play without having ads appear every 10 seconds. Try switching to Airplane mode and the battery will actually last longer as well.



You shouldn't give aspirin to children and teens during and after a viral infection like the flu. It causes Reye's (Reye) syndrome which is a rare but serious condition that causes swelling in the liver and brain.

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48Flaky lips

Flaky lips

If you have chronic chapped/flaky lips and nothing seems to help, you may be reacting to whitening/foaming agents in your toothpaste like peroxide or sodium lauryl sulfate. You should trying switching to a non-whitening/sulfate free brand.

49Backyard dirt

Backyard dirt

You can send a scoop of dirt from your backyard to a research group that will analyze it for new antibiotic elements and other medicines.



Most bacteria do not visibly 'glow' under UV light and using it to determine how clean a surface is is flawed.

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