50 Things You Should Know About As a Fully Functioning Adult



If you cannot access abortion services for any reason, AidAccess.org will mail you the abortion pills for a donation amount of your choice.

2Baby shivering

Baby shivering

Babies do not shiver when they are cold. If you see a baby shivering it needs to be fed immediately because it probably has extremely low blood sugar.

3Flood water

Flood water

Flood water is more than just rain. It contains sewage and chemical run-off that can make you sick or cause rashes or even death, so swimming in flood water is not such a good idea.

4Debt collectors

Debt collectors

If a family member dies and debt collectors tell you that you are now responsible for paying the deceased's debts, THEY ARE LYING. Debt does not pass to anyone else upon death.

5Tuna can

Tuna can

One can of tuna contains more mercury than a kid might receive if they got a full round of vaccinations.

6Iris scans

Iris scans

Facial scans, iris scans, and your fingerprints are not protected by the Fifth Amendment and therefore not secure. If it’s a physical thing that exists in reality, like your fingerprint, you can be compelled by a court to give that up. If it is information, something you know that only exists in your mind, you cannot be forced to give that information up.

7Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery

The US Post Office has a program called Informed Delivery. Sign up and every morning they will send you an email with scanned images of all the mail they will deliver later that same day.

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8Essential oils

Essential oils

Essential oils are called that because they are the "essence" of a plant, not because they are "essential" to human health. There are a lot of alternative medicine practitioners who deliberately take advantage of the misleading name "essential oils". While some essential oils do indeed have health benefits, most of them don't do anything at all and some of them can actually be harmful.

9Newborn baby

Newborn baby

In the US, you must add your newborn baby to your health insurance within 30 days of birth. If you wait even 31 days, you could be denied coverage until the next open enrollment, which could be up to a year.

10Pill bottles

Pill bottles

You should remove the cotton ball from pill bottles. It was put there to protect the pills during shipping. The cotton can draw moisture into the bottle causing the pills to decompose faster.

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