50 Things You Should Know About As a Fully Functioning Adult

21Free MS office suite

Free MS office suite

You can get Microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint for free with your school email address.

22The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender, chrome extension suspends tabs automatically, allowing you to keep a bazillion tabs open simultaneously without killing your CPU and memory.

23Dog food

Dog food

Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs. It can caused kidney injury or even death. If your dog has eaten grapes, raisins, or maybe even grape juice within 2 hours, induce vomiting. Otherwise take them to the vet where they will likely give your dog something to help him or her vomit.

24Where is my Phone

Where is my Phone

In case if you lost your Android phone, just type 'Where is my Phone' into google search when logged in with the same account as your phone.



The IRS will first contact you by mail if you have unpaid dues. If you get a call stating that they are the IRS, it is most likely a scam. Any phone call threatening you without prior contact by mail is a scam, especially if they’re threatening court action. Those always involve subpoenas and paperwork. If you get a call like that, just tell them to send a notice to your address on record and that you will respond promptly after that.

26ACLU app

ACLU app

When recording the police, use the ACLU app and they (American Civil Liberties Union) will upload the content to their servers, and they will prosecute if necessary.

27Google voice command

Google voice command

If Google misinterprets a voice command, you can correct it by saying “No, I said (the word it misheard)."

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28Buying oysters

Buying oysters

When buying oysters, you can request to see the “shellfish tag,” a legally required documentation of the harvest date and origin of the oysters. Every retailer and restaurant is required to have a shellfish tag for each bag of oysters that they purchase for up to 90 days after that purchase. One expert says, “if they don’t have that tag, I wouldn't eat those oysters.” She recommends looking for the most recent date on the tag (whether it’s the “final harvest date”, or “wet storage date”) - anything further out than 2 weeks won't taste as good and increases the risk of a bad oyster.



“Lifeline” is a federal program in USA that gives you a free phone and plans if you’re on medicaid, SNAP, or make less than a certain amount. The plans vary, but it normally provides 200 minutes, unlimited text, and 1 GB of data.

30Wellness Check

Wellness Check

If you haven't heard from someone who lives far way and you are worried something may have happened, you can ask the police to do a “Wellness Check.” They will visit the person's home just to make sure everything is okay. If you live in the area then you can also accompany the police there, if you don't want to visit alone.

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