50 Things You Should Know About As a Fully Functioning Adult

31Listening music

Listening music

If you want to listen to music or an audiobook on your iPhone or iPad before you go to sleep, you can have it turn off automatically using the clock app.



In most major U.S. cities, it is common courtesy to use the right-hand side of an escalator for standing and the left-hand side for walking.

33TraffickCam app

TraffickCam app

You can help fight human trafficking by uploading photos of hotel rooms you stay in via an app called the TraffickCam. Traffickers regularly post photographs of their victims posed in hotel rooms for online advertisements. These photographs are evidence that can be used to find and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. In order to use these photos, however, investigators must be able to determine where the photos were taken.



Many lilies are poisonous to cats and can be fatal or result in severe kidney failure. Be careful when shopping for Valentine's Day bouquets if you have kitties.

35Aviation Safety Reporting System

Aviation Safety Reporting System

The Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) is run by NASA for airline staff (pilots, flight attendants, controllers, ground crew) to anonymously report incidents during flights without fear of career repercussions. The database is available to the public.



You can stop telemarketers in Australia by putting your number up on the do not call list on the government website. If they call you when your number is up they are breaking the law and may face penalties. Even if you aren’t on the register they’re breaking the law if they call before 9 am or after 8 pm on weekdays, before 9 am or after 5 pm on Saturdays and anytime on a Sunday or a national public holiday.



Roombas/cleaning robots can have trouble on dark carpets, due to the robot’s cliff sensors interpreting it as the edge of a surface (like a stair).

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38Google Translate app

Google Translate app

While traveling, the Google Translate app can instantly translate words through your camera, live by simply pointing your camera at something (without having to take a photo). You can also do this offline by downloading the language-pack.

39Ryman Eco

Ryman Eco

To use less printer ink or toner, pick an ink-saving font like Ryman Eco that's free to download.

40Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

If you have ever used a fire extinguisher, even for a second, it needs to be replaced/recharged. It will soon become useless otherwise.

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