30 Lavish Facts About Bill Gates You Never Would Have Guessed


1McDonald’s Gold Card

McDonald’s Gold Card

Bill Gates has a McDonald’s Gold Card for unlimited free fast food.

2Apple Saved

Apple Saved

In 1997, Bill Gates invested $150 million in Steve Job’s company Apple to save it from going bankrupt.

3Naughty Bill Gates

Naughty Bill Gates

Bill Gates wrote his school's computer program for scheduling students in their classes. He edited it so he would end up sitting with female students.

4Ted Talk

Ted Talk

Bill Gates once released mosquitos during a Ted Talk, stating that "poor people shouldn't be the only ones to have this experience."

5Bill Gates' wedding

Bill Gates' wedding

In 1994, Bill Gates bought out all the available rooms at the 250-room hotel to keep media from staying there and reportedly hired all the helicopters on Maui to keep photographers from flying over the wedding.

6Porsche 911

Porsche 911

Bill Gates' idea of a splurge was a used Porsche 911 after Microsoft went public that made him worth over $350 million before the age of 30.



Bill Gates coyly defended his LSD use by saying 'I never missed a day of work.'

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8Philanthropy benefits

Philanthropy benefits

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett once went to China to encourage their billionaires about the benefits of Philanthropy (giving to their community). They were mainly ignored because Philanthropy (outside of supporting family) is not part of Chinese culture.

9Engagement ring

Engagement ring

When Bill Gates bought his engagement ring from Warren Buffett’s Jewelry store, he ignored Buffett’s unsolicited advice that as a rule of thumb you should spend 6% of your net worth on such an item.

10Bill Gates' wealth

Bill Gates' wealth

Bill Gates' wealth topped $100 billion for a brief period in 1999, but antitrust trials and tech stocks decline saw his fortune fall to just over $60 billion the following year.


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