30 Lavish Facts About Bill Gates You Never Would Have Guessed

11Minesweeper addiction

Minesweeper addiction

Bill Gates was so addicted to Minesweeper, he used to sneak into a colleague's office after work to play.

12Chicken rejection

Chicken rejection

Bill Gates once greatly offended the Bolivian government because he tried to give Bolivia thousands of chickens.

13Richard Feynman's lectures

Richard Feynman's lectures

Bill Gates enjoyed Richard Feynman’s lectures so much that he worked with MIT to make them available in enhanced video format to the public.

14Microsoft employees

Microsoft employees

Bill Gates used to memorize the license plates of Microsoft employees to keep tabs on them.

15Microsofts Outlook

Microsofts Outlook

The generic silhouette in Microsoft Outlook is actually a shadow cutout of Bill Gates' mugshot when he got arrested for a driving offense in 1977.



Bill Gates' first business was Traf-O-Data, a company that created machines that recorded the number of cars passing a given point on a road.

17Doom promo

Doom promo

In 1995, Bill Gates ran a promo that featured himself in the classic video game Doom.

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18Bill Gates' mistake

Bill Gates' mistake

In 2013, Bill Gates admitted that the Ctrl+Alt+Delete command was a mistake, and should have been a single button.

19Bill Gates foundation

Bill Gates foundation

Bill Gates has given away over $28 billion since 2007 resulting in an estimated more than 6 million lives saved.

20Spam emails

Spam emails

In 2004, Bill Gates was the most spammed person in the world with more than 4 million emails per day. Microsoft had to set up a whole department just to deal with this issue, and only forward a dozen of important emails to his direct inbox.

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