30 Lavish Facts About Bill Gates You Never Would Have Guessed


Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer once did a spoof of Night at the Roxbury.

22Toughest competition

When Bill Gates was asked in `98 that where did he worry his toughest competition will come from, he replied that he was worried about two men in a garage.

23Introvert guy

Bill Gates was an introvert, even, he has said, antisocial, and his original plan was to teach math. “When I was in high school I thought, ‘Hey, I’m a good student and therefore I should go be like a professor of mathematics.”


Bill Gates is the fourth of his name in his family but is known as William Gates III or "Trey" (i.e., three) because his father had the "II" suffix.

25Hacking Airplane

In the early 1980s, when he was late to catch a plane, Bill Gates hacked the control panel at San Francisco International Airport gate and got the plane to come back.

26Xanadu 2.0

Bill Gates's 66,000-square-foot mansion is nicknamed "Xanadu 2.0" after the character estate in Citizen Kane.


In a 2006 interview, Bill Gates revealed that he is color-blind.

28Bill Gates

In 1998, Bill Gates was earning $1 million per hour (almost $300 per second).

29Sorting pancakes

Bill Gates' only scientific paper ever was about sorting pancakes.

30Chess game

In 2014, Bill Gates was beaten in Chess by a 23-year-old Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen in 71 seconds.


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