Scandals to Secrets: 50 Disturbing Facts About Famous Personalities – Part 2

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41 Dre’s Violent Assault

Dre's Violent Assault

In 1991, Dr. Dre physically assaulted journalist Dee Barnes at a party after she aired a segment on her show critical of his group, N.W.A. Barnes suffered several injuries, including a swollen eye and a cracked rib, as Dre slammed her head against a concrete wall, kicked her in the ribs, and attempted to throw her down a flight of stairs. A recording later surfaced in which Dre can be heard laughing with Eminem about the incident, even boasting about throwing her through a door.

42 Halle Berry Hit-and-Run

Halle Berry Hit-and-Run

Halle Berry was involved in a hit and run incident in February 2000, resulting in her leaving the scene of the accident. While driving her SUV in Los Angeles, she hit a car and then fled the scene, causing the other driver to suffer a broken wrist. Berry was charged with misdemeanor hit and run, fined $13,500, and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service. She also received three years of probation.

43 Fran Drescher’s Trauma

Fran Drescher's Trauma

In 1985, Fran Drescher was the victim of a brutal home invasion where she and her friend were raped at gunpoint. The assailants also beat and bound her husband. Later in her life, as a result of being stalked by a fan, producers had to change how sitcoms were made. To stop him from sneaking into the studio audience of “The Nanny,” they began to cast the audience from extras. Drescher’s husband later left her when he realized he was gay, and she battled uterine cancer in 2000.

44 Christopher Lee’s Experience

Christopher Lee's Experience

Christopher Lee was a WWII special forces operative, but he never disclosed the details of his missions. During the filming of Lord of the Rings, he provided Peter Jackson with advice on how someone reacts when they are stabbed in the back, which hinted at his experience. He said, “Have you any idea what kind of noise happens when somebody’s stabbed in the back? Because I do.”

45 Danny Trejo’s Addiction

Danny Trejo's Addiction

Danny Trejo battled heroin addiction by the age of 12 and was sentenced to serve time in San Quentin prison until he turned 25. While visiting a patient whom he was providing substance abuse counseling for on the set of “Runaway Train,” he was offered a job as an extra in the film’s prison scenes. This marked the beginning of his acting career.

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46 Woody Harrelson’s Father

Woody Harrelson's Father

Woody Harrelson’s father was a convicted contract killer in Texas, responsible for the murders of a US District Judge and a grain dealer. During a six-hour standoff with police, he claimed to have killed President Kennedy and drew maps to prove he was there. Also, after the filming of Zombieland, Woody Harrelson had an altercation with a TMZ photographer and claimed he was still in character and mistook the cameraman for a zombie.

47 Che Guevara’s Violence

Che Guevara's Violence

Che Guevara is a celebrated revolutionary icon of the left, but he was also involved in violent actions that harmed innocent people. He was also outraged when the Soviet Union removed their missiles from Cuba without firing them off, believing that the socialist liberation against global ‘imperialist aggression’ was worth the risk of “millions of atomic war victims.”

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48 Steve Jobs’ Hygiene

Steve Jobs' Hygiene

Steve Jobs, known for revolutionizing the technology industry with his innovative products, had poor hygiene habits and did not believe in regular showers or deodorant. He attributed his vegan diet to his lack of body odor, a belief his former coworkers called “very, very wrong.” Additionally, despite being a millionaire, Jobs only paid $500 a month in child support to his daughter Lisa, whom he initially denied paternity for.

49 JFK’s Infidelity History

JFK's Infidelity History

John F. Kennedy, remembered for his charisma and political achievements, had a well-known history of infidelity and multiple affairs throughout his presidency. Reports indicate that he had affairs with several women, including Marilyn Monroe, Gunilla von Post, Judith Campbell, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Marlene Dietrich, Mimi Alford, and his wife’s press secretary, Pamela Turnure.

50 Nikola Tesla’s Beliefs

Nikola Tesla's Beliefs

Nikola Tesla, a brilliant inventor, did not believe in the existence of electrons and considered General Relativity to be pseudoscience. He openly expressed disgust for overweight people and once fired his secretary because of her weight. Tesla once paid an overdue hotel bill with a “working model” of his “death beam,” warning the hotel never to open it without proper precautions. After his death, the box was pried open and found to contain nothing but old lab components.

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