Scandals to Secrets: 50 Disturbing Facts About Famous Personalities – Part 2

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1Einstein's Secret Daughter

Einstein's Secret Daughter

Albert Einstein had numerous affairs while married to his first cousin during his second and final marriage. Additionally, he and his first wife, Mileva Maric, had a daughter, Lieserl, in 1902, a year before they were married. Lieserl's existence was concealed and only discovered in 1986. Einstein never met Lieserl, and her fate remains a mystery.

2Lincoln's Dark Depression

Lincoln's Dark Depression

During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln suffered from chronic depression and refused to carry a knife, fearing he would harm himself. He consumed a medication called "blue mass" to treat his depression and/or constipation, which contained 100 times the safe limit of mercury per day for months on end.

3Beyonce's Video Obsession

Beyonce's Video Obsession

Beyonce employs a "visual director" who records her for up to 16 hours a day and has done so almost every day since 2005. She stores this footage in a temperature-controlled room she calls her "crazy archive," extensively cataloging her public and private life. Also, in 2012, a father was denied access to see his premature twins in the NICU when Beyonce and Jay-Z had their daughter at the same time.

4Bob Ross's Missing Finger

Bob Ross's Missing Finger

In his youth, Bob Ross worked as a carpenter and lost his left index finger in an accident. He later hid this injury from viewers most of the time with his paint palette.

5Audrey Hepburn's Malnutrition

Audrey Hepburn's Malnutrition

Audrey Hepburn was severely malnourished during World War II in Holland, sustaining herself on tulip bulbs, among other things. She was a ballet prodigy but was permanently too weak to dance after five years of malnutrition.

6Darwin's Exotic Diet

Darwin's Exotic Diet

Charles Darwin ate every animal he ever discovered, including the Galapagos turtle. He intentionally sought out "birds and beasts which were unknown to human palate."

7Chaplin's Scandals and Secrets

Chaplin's Scandals and Secrets

Charlie Chaplin burned his unreleased film "A Woman of the Sea" in 1933 for tax purposes, as he was unsatisfied with the final product. He also once fired an underage girl from his movie after she refused to abort his child. He knew her from 8 and seduced her at 15. He narrowly escaped this scandal by marrying her in secret.

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8Washington's Slaveholding Legacy

Washington's Slaveholding Legacy

George Washington owned slaves throughout his life, and while his views on slavery evolved over time, he continued to benefit from the labor of enslaved people and actively participated in the slave trade. Even after signing the 1794 Slave Trade Act, he kept moving his slaves in and out of Pennsylvania every six months to avoid them claiming freedom under a state law. The only slave emancipated immediately upon his death was William "Billy" Lee, who fought alongside Washington during the American Revolutionary War.

9Tubman's Visionary Quest

Tubman's Visionary Quest

Harriet Tubman suffered a violent head injury as a child, which caused her to frequently slip into sleep-like states that produced vivid dreamlike hallucinations. Tubman interpreted these as messages from God and devoted her life to freeing Southern slaves through the Underground Railroad. She carried a gun with her and used opium to keep small children quiet while smuggling them. If a runaway slave threatened to go back to the plantation, she would threaten to shoot them dead.

10Newton's Religious Beliefs & Prophecies

Newton's Religious Beliefs & Prophecies

Isaac Newton was deeply religious and is considered an anti-trinitarian monotheist. He was also a heretic for his belief that worshipping Jesus as God was unholy. Although he is widely regarded as one of the greatest scientists of all time, he also studied the Bible and supported the doctrine of immanence. He also studied the occult and predicted the end of the world to happen around 2060, followed by an era of divinely inspired peace.

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