Scandals to Secrets: 50 Disturbing Facts About Famous Personalities – Part 2

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21 McCartney’s Arson Crime

McCartney's Arson Crime

In 1980, Paul McCartney was arrested and deported from Japan for carrying half a pound of marijuana in his luggage. Even before gaining fame with the Beatles, McCartney and Pete Best were once arrested and jailed in Germany for arson after setting fire to a condom in a concrete corridor.

22 Ozzy’s Animal Atrocities

Ozzy's Animal Atrocities

Ozzy Osbourne once shot and killed his 17 cats while heavily under the influence of drugs and alcohol. His wife found him under a piano in a white suit holding a shotgun and bloody knife. He also attempted to strangle his wife Sharon while under the influence of drugs in 1989.

23 Freeman’s Family Scandal

Freeman's Family Scandal

In 2008, reports surfaced that Morgan Freeman had a romantic relationship with his step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, who was 50 years younger than him at the time. Freeman had been married twice before and had four children from previous relationships. Tragically, Hines was murdered in 2015 and had reportedly told her boyfriend that Freeman had been secretly sleeping with her.

24 Joaquin’s Cult Childhood

Joaquin's Cult Childhood

Joaquin Phoenix was born into a religious cult, Children of God, which later became known as The Family International. The cult practiced communal living and sexual liberties between adults and children. Joaquin’s parents were members and traveled with the group, performing music and evangelizing in South America. Later his parents took his siblings and him out of the cult and renamed themselves Phoenix to symbolize a new beginning.

25 Bowie’s Underage Encounters

Bowie's Underage Encounters

David Bowie had sexual encounters with two underage girls, one of whom was only 13 years old, in the 1970s.

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26 Duane Chapman’s Murder Conviction

Duane Chapman's Murder Conviction

Before he became famous, Duane Chapman (dog the bounty hunter) was convicted of first degree murder in 1976 in the death of a drug dealer named Jerry Oliver. However, the conviction was later overturned on a technicality.

27 Malone’s Scandals and Denials

Malone's Scandals and Denials

NBA legend Karl Malone impregnated a 13-year-old girl when he was 20 years old. He initially denied paternity and only acknowledged his son after a DNA test confirmed it. Malone then challenged a court ruling for child support, stating that $125 per week was too high. He refused to have a relationship with his son, who later went on to play in the NFL. While playing for the Lakers, Malone repeatedly sexually harassed Kobe Bryant’s wife, and despite being warned multiple times to stop, he continued to do so. Bryant even wanted to fight Malone over it, and the two had to be separated.

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28 Suite Life Actor’s Manslaughter

Suite Life Actor's Manslaughter

Phil Lewis, who played Mr. Moseby on The Suite Life, was convicted of manslaughter in 1993 for drunk driving and spent a year in jail.

29 Hitchcock’s Inappropriate Behavior

Hitchcock's Inappropriate Behavior

Alfred Hitchcock had a history of inappropriate behavior, including pranks that would now be considered workplace harassment or even criminal activity. For example, he handcuffed two actors who had just met and pretended to not have the key for an entire day. Hitchcock also once locked actress Tippi Hedren in a room with live birds that attacked her, leaving her bedridden for a week. He then sent Hedren’s six-year-old daughter a lifelike wax replica of her mother in a coffin.

30 Boy George’s Imprisonment

Boy George's Imprisonment

Boy George was convicted and jailed for 15 months in 2007 for holding a man captive in his flat, chaining him to a wall, and beating him with chains. He also attempted to assault the man with sex toys. The man escaped by wrenching the hook from the wall and fleeing in his just underwear. Boy George was convicted and jailed for 15 months.

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