Random #394 – 50 Incredible Facts That Will Make You Think

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1 Hawking’s Final Multiverse Theory

Hawking's Final Multiverse Theory

Stephen Hawking completed a final multiverse theory explaining how mankind might detect parallel universes just 10 days before he died.

2. Columbia Pictures refused to greenlight the 1993 film Groundhog Day without explaining why Phil becomes trapped in the same day. Producer Trevor Albert and director Harold Ramis appeased the studio but deliberately placed the scenes too late in the shooting schedule to be filmed.

3. When Frank Zappa’s son was born, the nurse refused to register him with the name “Dweezil.” Zappa responded by listing the names of various musicians he knew, which subsequently became his son’s legal names. When Dweezil turned five, he asked to have his name legally changed to Dweezil, and his parents successfully did so.

4. Chemical crystals can spontaneously change around the world, spreading like a virus and preventing the synthesis of some pharmaceutical chemicals. This process, known as disappearing polymorphs, involves a crystal structure suddenly transforming into a different structure with the same chemical composition, often making it impossible to revert to the original form.

5. Queen Elizabeth I lost a lot of teeth from eating too many sweets, making it difficult for foreign ambassadors to understand her.

6 Queen Anne’s Multiple Pregnancies

Queen Anne's Multiple Pregnancies

Anne, Queen of Great Britain, had at least 17 pregnancies over a 17-year period, miscarrying or birthing stillborn children at least 12 times. Of her five liveborn children, four died before the age of two, and her sole surviving child, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, died at the age of eleven.

7. American producer Evan Rogers discovered Rihanna in 2003 when he saw her performing with a girl group while he was on holiday. “The minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn’t exist,” he said.

8. Juicero, a company that produced a $699 juicer that required Wi-Fi, an app, and QR-coded produce packs, shut down soon after journalists found they could squeeze the packs by hand to achieve the same results.

9. China’s Hongzhi Emperor of the Ming Dynasty had only one wife and refused to have concubines after one of his father’s consorts murdered his mother.

10. Loyola University Chicago offers a scholarship that gives full tuition to students who are Catholic and have the last name Zolp.

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11 Joplin Tornado’s Fungal Outbreak

Joplin Tornado's Fungal Outbreak

After an F5 tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri, in 2011, a rare flesh-eating fungal infection known as ‘cutaneous necrotizing mucormycosis’ followed, infecting 13 and ultimately killing 5.

12. Astronauts on board the ISS need to sleep near a ventilator fan. Warm air does not rise in space, so astronauts in poorly ventilated sections end up surrounded by a bubble of carbon dioxide.

13. Actor Rick Moranis claims that the original script for the 1987 film Spaceballs described Dark Helmet as a single, enormous helmet. Subsequently, they reduced it to merely a heightened rendition of the Darth Vader helmet.

14. Louisiana State Penitentiary (“Angola”), the largest maximum-security prison in the USA, has a radio station, a TV station, a magazine, a fire station, sugarcane fields, market gardens, and herds of cattle and horses.

15. In his will, George Washington left directions to emancipate all the enslaved people he owned after Martha Washington died. On January 1, 1801, all the enslaved people he owned were freed. On January 1, 1863, 62 years later, the Emancipation Proclamation came into effect.

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16 Boseman’s Salary Share with Miller

Boseman's Salary Share with Miller

When the studio refused to meet Sienna Miller’s pay request to star in the film 21 Bridges, Chadwick Boseman gave her part of his salary to meet her number because he said, “That’s what you should be paid.”

17. Adele, the wife of mathematician Kurt Gödel, was working as a dancer at a cabaret when they first met. Aside from the continuing disapproval of his family, Adele faced rejection and isolation in the academic community, particularly when the couple settled at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.

18. The 2011 film “The Worst Movie Ever!” unintentionally had the worst box office opening ever recorded. One single person paid admission to see the film during its premiere, earning it a whopping $11.

19. The famous quote “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant,” attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor, actually originated from the 1970 movie Tora! Tora! Tora! and was not something he said in real life.

20. Truman authorized a souvenir program during the White House reconstruction. It allowed members of the public to order old building pieces, such as timbers, bricks, facing stones, and paneling. Demand exceeded initial expectations, and receipts exceeded expenses by $10,000.

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21 Andy Oyler’s Muddy Home Run

Andy Oyler's Muddy Home Run

In 1905, a minor league baseball player named Andy Oyler hit a home run where the ball only traveled two feet. It had been raining, and he hit it into the mud right in front of him. The defense couldn’t find the ball before he rounded the bases.

22. Virgin queen bees emit battle cries and engage in combat until only one survives within the hive.

23. Henry Ford once set the world record for the fastest speed achieved on land. In 1904, he drove a Ford 999 on a frozen lake and reached a speed of 91.37 mph, despite hitting a bump in the ice that sent him airborne at one point. The record helped popularize Ford’s company.

24. The former president of Turkmenistan forbade news anchors, both men and women, from wearing makeup after learning he couldn’t distinguish between them when the presenters wore makeup.

25. Jim Varney caught the attention of Disney exec Michael Eisner at the Indy 500 in 1985 after appearing as “Ernest” and getting a much bigger reception than even Mickey Mouse, stunning Eisner. Varney had appeared in hundreds of commercials, but this led to his first movie, Ernest Goes to Camp.

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