Legal Quirks: 40 Fascinating Rules and Regulations From Different Countries

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1Burj Khalifa Ramadan Rule

Burj Khalifa Ramadan Rule

Burj Khalifa is so tall that the sun can still be seen for several minutes after it has set at ground level. This has led Dubai clerics to rule that those living above the 80th floor should wait 2 additional minutes to break their Ramadan fast.

2. In the childbirth scene of "Gone with the Wind," only the actors' shadows is shown not for artistic reasons, but to get around the Hays Code rule prohibiting sexual activity and childbirth onscreen. Melanie, Scarlett, and Prissy are shown only as shadows on a wall due to the rule.

3. Disney was forced to abandon its policy of letting disabled people skip lines in its theme parks, after rampant abuse of the rule by people hiring disabled "tour guides" to skip waiting for rides. These guides sometimes charged up to hundreds of dollars per hour.

4. Most airlines have a rule stating that pilots and copilots cannot eat the same meal to avoid food poisoning.

5. Children in Iceland are not allowed to have names with the letter "C" in them. All names must conform to the rules of the Icelandic language, which does not have the letter "C".

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6French Bread Law of 1993

French Bread Law of 1993

The French Bread Law of 1993 outlines specific rules for the sale of bread in France. The rules specify that baguettes cannot be frozen before the sale and must be made fresh with no additives. It even specifies a maximum pH level and bacteria counts for sourdough starters.

7. When Golf was introduced in India by the British during their colonial rule, they were angered by monkeys running onto the course and misplacing their balls. When all attempts to stop the monkeys failed, they decided the game needed to adapt. To do so, they introduced a new rule: "Play the ball where the monkey drops it."

8. Greenland cannot join FIFA because not enough grass can be grown there to have an official field.

9. North Korea has its own basketball rules. Slam dunks there are worth three points, field goals in the final three minutes of the game are worth eight points, three-pointers are worth four if the ball doesn't touch the rim, and a point is deducted for missed free throws.

10. The rules of Monopoly clearly state that if a player lands on a property and doesn't buy it, it immediately goes up for auction to the highest bidder.

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11Power of Queen in Chess

Power of Queen in Chess

In 1475, when Queen Isabella unified Spain and sent Christopher Columbus to discover America, a new piece in Chess was introduced. This piece named the queen could move only one square at a time, like the King. It wasn’t until 1495, when Isabella became the most powerful woman in Europe, that new rules in chess were established, in which the queen was given the power to moves in all directions on the board.

12. If the ancient Persians decided on something while drunk, they had the rule to reconsider it when sober and if they made a decision sober, they would reconsider it while drunk.

13. Stephen Colbert's father and two older brothers died in a plane crash because the cockpit crew became distracted from talking while landing the plane. A few years later, the FAA created the 'Sterile Cockpit Rule,' prohibiting staff from engaging in non-essential conversation once below 10,000 ft.

14. In 2004, a customer in Las Vegas walked into an In-N-Out and ordered a 100x100. That's 100 beef patties and 100 slices of cheese, which the restaurant obliged as until then they accommodated orders of any size at extra cost. Since then In-N-Out changed its rules and capped the burger at 4x4.

15. The official rules of Ping Pong allow the ball to touch your paddle hand, which includes all fingers and the hand area below the wrist. Players though cannot touch the ball with a non-paddle hand for any reason.

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16The 12 Pubs Of Christmas

The 12 Pubs Of Christmas

"The 12 pubs of Christmas" is a popular tradition is Ireland. Participants go to 12 different pubs in one night, having one drink (most commonly a pint of beer) in each Pub. Participants also follow unusual rules such as, "No sitting in pub 3", "No using the bathroom in pub 7," etc.

17. Air traffic controllers direct commercial flights to fly at "even" or "odd" levels. The general rule in most parts of the world is aircraft going east will fly at odd levels, i.e. 35,000 feet, while aircraft heading west will fly even levels, i.e. 34,000 feet.

18. Clint Eastwood booted Phillip Kaufamn as director of The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) and assumed the job himself. In response, the Directors Guild of America created the Eastwood Rule that prohibits an actor or producer from firing the director and then becoming the director himself.

19. In South Korea, only visually impaired people can be licensed masseurs. This tradition dates back over 100 years to a Japanese colonial rule set up to guarantee the blind a livelihood.

20. The Goldwater Rule prohibits psychiatrists from giving professional opinions about public figures whom they have not examined in person.

21Tour de France Unwritten Rules

Tour de France Unwritten Rules

One of the 'unwritten rules' of the Tour de France is that if the Tour is passing through where one of the riders grew up, everyone will slow down to let that rider lead the whole Tour through his hometown. Also, if the race leader needs to stop to take a pee break, everyone else slows down/stops too.

22. In 1990s, London underground workers gained concessions from management through a 'piss strike.' They apparently followed safety rules so exactly to the point that workers going to the toilet one after the other essentially shut down any work being done.

23. The "1 Percent Rule" states that only 1% of an Internet community creates new content. The rest of the community is divided between content editors (9%) and content viewers (90%).

24. One of the New York Mafia families' rules is that the members aren't allowed to grow facial hair.

25. According to the official Cards Against Humanity rules, the player who pooped last goes first as a judge.

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