Random Revelations: Article #8 – 36 Essential Random Facts

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1Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones is the face of the advertising campaign for Boss canned coffee in Japan and has been for some time

2. Spiderwort is a common roadside wildflower that changes the petals of the flower turn from blue to pink when exposed to radiation.

3. The French and British navies fought in 1781 at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. The French Navy won decisively, blocking reinforcements to British forces at Yorktown. This forced British forces to surrender and secured American independence.

4. H&R Block once discovered that their own taxes were too complex for them to manage.

5. In 2002, a high school student named Charles J. Bishop 'inspired by 9/11' flew a stolen Cessna plane into the Bank of America building. He was the only casualty.

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6Tim Burton

Tim Burton

Rather than use CGI, Tim Burton had 40 squirrels trained to crack nuts for Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

7. Snake venom contains proteins that change the odor of the wounded animal, allowing snakes to track their bitten prey by odor. This adaptation allowed rattlesnakes to evolve the strike-and-release bite mechanism, which provided a huge benefit by minimizing contact with potentially dangerous prey.

8. The first ancestor of modern day equids was a species of duck-sized horses that roamed in what is now Wyoming.

9. Male dolphins have been known to masturbate by wrapping live eels around their penises

10. Due to the massive success and popularity of Eminem's "Stan", the Oxford Dictionary made a definition of "Stan" - 'an obsessive fan of a particular celebrity'

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11Frozen film

Frozen film

Frozen was based on a 19th-century tale that was more progressive because a girl rescues a boy

12. A Nazi businessman named John Rabe (Oskar Schindler of China) saved approximately 200,000 Chinese citizens during the Nanking Massacre.

13. Unisex names are illegal in Iceland

14. People in the USA can send letters by leaving it in their own house mailbox, and the mailman will pick it up on their delivery route

15. Jaime Sin, the 30th Roman Catholic Archbishop, and Cardinal loved poking fun at his own name. Cardinal Sin would joke with guests, saying, "Welcome to the house of Sin." His title Cardinal Sin was a point of humor in the Philippines.

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16Ernst Loof

Ernst Loof

Ernst Loof has the record holder for the shortest F1 career. In his first, and last, Grand Prix, he traveled 6 feet (2 meters) off the starting grid before retiring due to a malfunction.

17. In 2014, a New York hospital came under fire after incorrectly declaring a woman as brain dead following a drug overdose. The woman awoke shortly after being taken to the operating room for organ harvesting.

18. Jeans when first dyed are yellow due to the yellow color of water soluble leucoindigo, which then oxidizes to the blue color of indigo on jeans.

19. The glass harmonica is considered by some to be the world's most dangerous instrument credited with unexplained deaths as well as causing Tinnitus and mental breakdowns

20. There is a salt dumping ground (Monte Kali) in Germany that has formed an actual mountain and is poisoning the surrounding environment.

21The Return of the Jedi

The Return of the Jedi

Technically Return of the Jedi never made a profit

22. In Rocky (1976), Rocky 2 (1979), and Rocky Balboa (2006), Rocky's pet turtles Cuff and Link were the same two turtles each time.

23. The official state gem of Washington is petrified wood

24. Charlene Downes was a victim of child grooming who disappeared in 2003. Her body was never found but the kebab shop owners who had been grooming her were overheard joking about how she "went into the kebabs".

25. Vice President Hannibal Hamlin was called to active duty in the Maine militia in the summer of 1864, during his vice presidency. He served as a guard and a cook and was promoted to corporal before he was discharged.

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