Random Revelations: Article #7 – 37 Chilling Random Facts

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1Iraq in 1960

Iraq in 1960

In the 1960's, Iraq was named "one of the best countries to be a child" by UNICEF

2. A book entitled Atlanta Nights that was written by a group of sci-fi authors to be intentionally terrible as a test for the publisher PublishAmerica. It included a chapter containing computer generated random sentences and two words for word identical chapters. The publisher accepted it.

3. The Ancient One, AKA Kennewick Man, was buried on February 21, 2017, after a 20-year argument about his origin. In 2015, DNA testing proved the 9000-year-old male was related to neighboring Native Americans and was not Caucasian.

4. In his review of "Lulu", the collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed, Chuck Klosterman wrote: "If the Red Hot Chili Peppers acoustically covered the 12 worst Primus songs for Starbucks, it would still be (slightly) better than this."

5. In 2007, a new parking garage in Germany ended up with two parking bays that had a peculiar shape and required a complicated parking maneuver in order to park there. Officials declared them Men's Parking Spaces to discourage unskilled drivers from attempting the maneuver.

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6Broughton Suspension Bridge

Broughton Suspension Bridge

Military units break step when marching over bridges to avoid causing a resonate wave that could collapse the structure.

7. A plaque honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. mistakenly thanked his assassin, James Earl Ray, instead of actor James Earl Jones. When officials received their plaque they were horrified to discover that it bore an inscription thanking James Earl Ray for “keeping the dream alive”

8. In 2000, a Korean couple spent their life savings to bring a Pan Am 747 to Seoul and set it up as a restaurant. The restaurant failed, leaving the couple living in a hut below the airplane. The 747 was torn down for scrap metal in 2010.

9. There are birds named Oxpecker and Vampire finch that drink blood.

10. To his inauguration, Wyoming's first Democratic governor, George Parrott (also known as Big Nose George) wore shoes made from the skin of a lynched train robber

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11Cool as Ice movie

Cool as Ice movie

Gwyneth Paltrow's father forbade her from accepting a lead role in the movie "Cool as Ice" starring Vanilla Ice because he thought it could hurt her career.

12. Players of an online game called Foldit resolved the structure of an enzyme in just three weeks.

13. There is a long history of US Vice Presidents disliking the job. John Adams called it "the most insignificant office... contrived," FDR's Vice President Garner called it "not worth a bucket of warm piss," and Truman joking Vice Presidents were "about as useful as a cow's fifth teat."

14. In 1856, American politician, Preston Brooks (D), beat Senator Charles Sumner (R) with a cane on the floor of the United States Senate in retaliation for an anti-slavery speech. He resigned his seat later in the year, only to be reelected to the same position left vacant by his resignation.

15. During World War 1, many women in the UK who were involved in manufacturing TNT turned yellowish, gaining the nickname "Canary Girls", because of their yellow coloured skin and because of the canaries used in the mines to warn of toxic substances.

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Lobsters and certain other animals/plant life can live forever if unaffected by disease or predators.

17. There are up to nine types of intelligence, and that an IQ test is not an efficient way of measuring how smart someone is, as it takes into consideration only two of them.

18. Blind taste testers couldn't tell the difference between American Coke and supposedly-superior sugar-sweetened Mexican Coke.

19. One man started a campaign to bring back the red M&M, that campaign blew up and helped reintroduce the Red M&M

20. There was a hurricane-sized storm over the Great Lakes in 1913 that killed 250 people, destroyed 19 ships, and stranded 19 others.

21Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is one of UK's largest landowners, owning 227,300 hectares valued at £20 billion. In total, the MoD owns or has rights of access to 1.8% of the UK land mass.

22. Dolphins are used to treat Ukrainian soldiers with PTSD

23. There are so many laws in the United States that no one actually knows the number of laws.

24. Wyoming is the only state to tax wind farms

25. Almost 100% of bees in southern California are Africanized

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