50 Random Facts List #7

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269 types of Intelligence

There are up to nine types of intelligence, and that an IQ test is not an efficient way of measuring how smart someone is, as it takes into consideration only two of them.

27. Blind taste testers couldn't tell the difference between American Coke and supposedly-superior sugar-sweetened Mexican Coke.

28. One man started a campaign to bring back the red M&M, that campaign blew up and helped reintroduce the Red M&M

29. There was a hurricane-sized storm over the Great Lakes in 1913 that killed 250 people, destroyed 19 ships, and stranded 19 others.

30. The Ministry of Defence is one of UK's largest landowners, owning 227,300 hectares valued at £20 billion. In total, the MoD owns or has rights of access to 1.8% of the UK land mass.

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Dolphins are used to treat Ukrainian soldiers with PTSD

32. There are so many laws in the United States that no one actually knows the number of laws.

33. Wyoming is the only state to tax wind farms

34. Almost 100% of bees in southern California are Africanized

35. The Mediterranean sea was empty of water until a huge chunk of Gibraltar collapsed and waterfalls thousands of times larger than the size of Niagara Falls 'filled it up'.

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36Dogwhelk's preying technique

There is a species of predator snail known as a Dogwhelk which feeds by drilling a hole in a mussel and then inserting digestive enzymes in the shell. This liquefies the flesh and they literally slurp it up like soup.

37. The crew of an RAF Nimrod used a teapot to block a hatch gap in their plane after a mid-air fault.

38. The Ancient Greek Painter Zeuxis is said to have died laughing at the humorous way he painted the goddess Aphrodite after the old woman who commissioned it insisted on modeling for the portrait.

39. Organic farming is significantly worse for the environment than conventional farming due to lower crop yields and toxic 'natural' pesticides, among other things

40. Leicester Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's younger brother, founded a micro-nation off the coast of Jamaica in 1964 and called it New Atlantis. The micronation was destroyed by a tropical storm in 1966 and ransacked by fishermen.

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41"Alien" chest burster scene

The cast of the 1979 science fiction horror film 'Alien' was never told about the chest burster scene in order to capture the authentic fear of the actors

42. IN 1997, the US bought Russian MIG-29's fighter jets from Moldova so Iran couldn't get the technology.

43. There is a chess variant that uses a 16×16 board called 'Chess on a Really Big Board'

44. During WW2, Time Magazine was the first to use the term "World War 2" in an issue released on September 11, 1939, 10 days after the war started. It had also used the term previously in a June 1939 issue in response to the events in Europe.

45. We can use CRISPR to edit the DNA of mosquitoes and prevent them from spreading malaria. We're just waiting to pull the trigger.

46Cornish Black Honey Bee

The Cornish Black Honey Bee is resistant to colony collapse disorder and could spell a positive future for bee populations

47. Basically, all the literary greats in Britain around 1900 were on the same, terrible, amateur cricket team: Allahakbarries

48. Singaporeans speak Singlish which sounds like broken English on purpose

49. Vince Clarke left Depeche Mode partly because he didn't like the fame aspect of the band, so he left to form a small band called Yaz, which became famous, and then Erasure which also became famous.

50. The top artists by decade have been The Beatles in the 60s, the Bee Gees in the 70s, Michael Jackson in the 80s, Mariah Carey in the 90s, Usher in the 2000s, and, so far, Rihanna in the 2010s.


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