50 Interesting Nicknames & Even More Awesome Facts Behind Them – Part 2

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1 Lesbian Lizards

Lesbian Lizards

There is a species of lizard that is 100% female. Nicknamed the “Lesbian Lizards”, they still participate in mating rituals in which they mount each other. This stimulates egg production without any gene transfer.

2. When Keanu Reeves was young, he was such a good hockey goalkeeper that he was nicknamed “The Wall.” He dreamed of playing hockey for Canada but an injury ended his hopes for a career in the sport.

3. Nestle earned the nickname “baby killer” in the mid-1970s after a bad marketing ploy killed many children in Africa.

4. Mas Oyama was a karate master who used to fight live bulls with his bare hands during his martial arts demonstrations. Occasionally, he would kill them with a single blow, earning him the nickname “Godhand.”

5. About one-third of the motels in US are run by Indians with the surname “Patel.” The group has been nicknamed the “Patel Motel Cartel” by the NYTimes.

6 Windy City

Windy City

Chicago got its “Windy City” nickname not from its windy weather but rather due to its reputation for braggadocios politicians who were “full of hot air.”

7. A man named John Willis is the only white member of “Ping On”, Boston’s Chinese mafia. He was introduced to the group by a young Asian man he saved. John later learned Chinese, became the boss’ chief bodyguard, and received the nickname “White Devil”. He is currently in federal prison for drug trafficking.

8. Before fame, Bruce Springsteen acquired his nickname “The Boss” because he took on the task of collecting the band’s nightly pay from their club gigs and distributing it amongst his bandmates. Springsteen is not fond of this nickname, due to his dislike of bosses, but has tacitly accepted it.

9. A California prison inmate once smuggled 2 boxes of staples, a pencil sharpener, sharpener blades, and 3 jumbo binder rings in his rectum, earning him the nickname “O.D.” or “Office Depot.”

10. McDonald’s is called Macca’s in Australia. The nickname became so popular, they have registered it and in 2013, they even changed the signage.

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11 The Ice Man

The Ice Man

Formula 1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen who has been nicknamed “The Ice Man”, was so calm before his debut race in 2001 that he was asleep 30 minutes before the start.

12. After World War 2, a Jewish assassin group nicknamed “nokmim” sought out those who terrorized jews and/or their families during the war and meticulously executed them.

13. Three Marlboro Men died of lung cancer earning Marlboro Red cigarettes the nickname “Cowboy killers.”

14. There is mysterious radio station in USA which has been nicknamed, “Yosemite Sam.” It only broadcasts a data burst lasting 0.8 seconds, followed by the voice of Yosemite Sam exclaiming: “Varmint, I’m a-gonna b-b-b-bloooow ya ta’smithereenies!”

15. During an English peasant revolt, a rebel leader nicknamed Captain Pouch promised to protect the rebels with the contents of his pouch. When the rebellion failed and he was captured, all that was found in his pouch was a piece of green cheese.

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16 The suicide disease

The suicide disease

A medical condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia causes severe facial pain. It is one of the most painful conditions known to medicine and has thus been nicknamed “the suicide disease.”

17. In 1575, a German mass murderer nicknamed Puschpeter is reported to have kept his wits after being impaled. The stake hit his spine and he berated the executioner. Puschpeter commanded the executioner to draw the stake out of him and gave instructions for how to make the impalement properly.

18. Phil Mickelson, the most famous left-handed golfer of all time (his nickname is “Lefty”) is actually right-handed. The reason he golfs left-handed is that he learned to swing by facing his father, a right-handed golfer, and mirroring his movements.

19. There is a statue of a blue horse with glowing laser eyes in front of the Denver International Airport which has been nicknamed Blucifer. This statue killed his creator Luis Jiménez when a section fell on him.

20. U.S Route 666, nicknamed “The Devil’s Highway” was renamed to Route 491 in 2003, and within days of the announcement, all the old signs containing the number 666 were stolen as souvenirs.

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21 Surly Shirley

Surly Shirley

Shirley Babashoff is an American Olympic swimmer who acquired the nickname ‘Surly Shirley’ for her constant accusations that East German athletes were doping. Turns out she was right.

22. Kathryn Johnston became the first girl to play Little League baseball in 1950, when she tucked her hair under her hat, adopted the nickname “Tubby”, and joined the Kings Dairy team, posing as a boy. When she told her coach she was a girl, he said “That’s O.K., you’re a darned good player.”

23. The United States Air Force command pilot Gail Halvorsen dropped candy to the children of Berlin via parachutes during the Berlin Airlift. He was nicknamed “Uncle Wiggly Wings” and “The chocolate uncle” by those children who wrote him letters.

24. As a child, Joseph Stalin was nicknamed “Pocky” by his peers because of the scars leftover from contracting smallpox.

25. The harmonious coexistence of the various religions along Pitt Street in the city of George Town in Penang, Malaysia has earned the street its nickname – the Street of Harmony. Places of worship of Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, and Christianity are located within meters of one another along this street.

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