50 Interesting Facts about Law Enforcement Officers

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26Andy McDowell

Andy McDowell

In 2005, a Kentucky sheriff deputy named Andy McDowell had 2 sons die in separate car accidents on the same night. He drove by the second crash after leaving the first one not knowing he had another son in the second crash.

27. Australian police were able to indict a suspected ringleader named Shannon McCoole of a child porn site by matching a freckle on his finger with one in images of child abuse.

28. In 2004, French police discovered an underground cinema that had been built in secret beneath the Paris catacombs. When they returned to it three days later, they found a note reading “Do not try to find us.”

29. Cops arrested a 99-year-old woman named Annie so she could cross it off her bucket list.

30. An NYPD ex-cop named Adrian Schoolcraft secretly recorded corrupt activities for 17 months in 2008, leading to a huge scandal and 4 separate investigations into NYPD. He recorded illegal arrests, superiors giving illegal orders, multiple rape reports getting downgraded to trespassing and more.

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31Lou Telano and John Sepe

Lou Telano and John Sepe

The movie Starsky & Hutch(2004) was based on two real-life NYC cops, Lou Telano and John Sepe, who went undercover as Hasidic Jews, gay lovers, and female nurses in the 1960s and 1970s.

32. US police detectives have worn suits for more than 100 years. Dressing formally is "psychological armor"; it "establishes a barrier between them and the messiness" of police work, says a psychologist.

33. In 2011, Lee County, Alabama sheriff's office told people who had fallen behind on child support that they had won tickets to the Alabama/Auburn football game. They then arrested the offenders when they came to collect their free tickets.

34. When an English police officer named PC Adam Koch was stabbed he remarked "A scene from the film Hot Fuzz kept rolling through my mind. It was where policeman Simon Pegg gets stabbed and he says 'It's the most painful thing I've ever experienced.'- It literally is the most painful thing I've ever experienced."

35. After a police officer named Jed Blair reported his fellow cops for planting evidence, his colleagues “allegedly stole his equipment, interfered with his radio calls, threatened to kill him and his family, and scrawled the word ‘rat’ on his locker.”

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36Canadian police

Canadian police

Some Canadian police departments give out 'positive tickets' to thank people for doing something good.

37. Miami Police Department uses fixed microphones throughout the city and special software to automatically pick up any gunshots and triangulate their origin to a couple of meters accuracy. This technology allows them to immediately dispatch officers there.

38. When cops pull you over, they first approach your driver's side tail light or trunk to leave their “mark” with their fingerprints, just in case something goes bad for them.

39. Elvis Presley was an official captain of the Memphis Police Department and even had dashboard police lights for his cars. He was known for pulling people over and lecturing them on safety before giving them an autograph and letting them go.

40. Police almost arrested Gary Ridgway, the Green River killer, years earlier, in 1983. A boyfriend of a victim had seen her get into his truck before she vanished. The next day, he went with her father and found it; it belonged to Ridgeway. The tip wasn’t enough to get police to arrest him.

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41Law enforcement

Law enforcement

In 1981, law enforcement swept in to stop a band of Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, weapons smugglers, and mercenaries- all armed to the teeth- from invading Dominica and establishing a private state complete with casinos and drug manufacturing facilities.

42. In 2012, a Vermont State Police trooper discovered a pig-shaped spot in a cow in the logo on his patrol car. Inmates at a correctional facility were responsible for printing the decals.

43. In 2007, Boston Police Department shut down waterways, highways, and bridges after mistakenly identifying battery-powered LED placards of characters from the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force as improvised explosive devices. The devices were being used as a guerrilla marketing campaign.

44. John J. O'Connor, the chief of Police in St. Paul let mobsters like Machine Gun Kelly, John Dillinger, and Baby Face Nelson live in the city as long as they didn't commit any crimes there. They were also protected from extradition and tipped off of any federal raids.

45. When a sheriff named Douglas Speirs from Florida was asked, why deputies shot a suspect named Angilo Freeland 68 times, he replied: "Because we ran out of bullets."

46Bob Lambert

Bob Lambert

An undercover officer named Bob Lambert dated an activist while infiltrating her group, and even fathered a child, despite already having a wife and children. When the assignment ended, he simply vanished, leaving a two-year-old son behind. The London police paid £425,000 to avoid court.

47. Law enforcement officials in New Jersey busted 29 restaurants selling cheap liquor in top-shelf bottles and called it "Operation Swill". It even included a restaurant selling rubbing alcohol and food coloring disguised as scotch.

48. In 2018, cops in Scotland had a 45-minute standoff with a stuffed tiger.

49. In 2015, police in the town of Anderson, California were trained to use nunchucks as a form of non-lethal force.

50. Police officer Stephan Pursell of a town named Birdsville, New South Wales (with a population of 100-200) patrols an area larger than Britain.

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