60 Bureaucratic Facts about Hollywood Film Studios

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51 The Fourth Kind Marketing

The Fourth Kind Marketing

While marketing ‘The Fourth Kind’ movie, Universal Pictures, created fake news stories of alien abductions and posted them online using the names of actual Alaskan news outlets. Those outlets sued and won.

52. Warner Bros. claimed to have made a loss of $167 million on ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’, despite it grossing close to $1 billion worldwide.

53. Warner Bros. kept George Clooney’s return to ER in the episode “Such Sweet Sorrow” a secret by submitting a version of the episode without him to NBC and at the last minute submitting an “Edited” version that included his cameo, without any time for NBC to screen it before it aired.

54. In 1933, Columbia Pictures released ‘Mussolini Speaks,’ which was a documentary praising Mussolini and how good he was to the Italian people. It has never been released on DVD.

55. Because Universal Pictures declined to pay Finish film rating authorities, DVD copies of Little House on the Prairie are rated adults only in Finland.

56 Trojan War

Trojan War

In 1997, Warner Bros. Pictures spent $15 million producing the movie ‘Trojan War’ that only played in one theater for one week, grossing just $309 in box office revenue.

57. While making Moana, Disney producers visited the South Pacific and assembled an “Oceanic Story Trust,” which comprised of local cultural experts that could advise on the accuracy of the movie’s details. Disney originally envisioned Maui to be bald, but he was then redrawn with a full head of hair as hair symbolized mana (power) in Polynesian culture.

58. In 1990, Disney wanted to put Minnie Mouse on the $5 bill of their in-house currency and promote it as the first woman on a dollar bill. It was then revealed that Martha Washington was on a $1 bill in 1891. In reality, Pocahontas was even earlier, appearing on a $20 bill in 1863.

59. Disney is an anglicized version of the French name “D’Isigny”, meaning “From Isigny”. Descendants from the same ancestors as Walt formed a cheese company in France. They sometimes collaborate and make Mickey-themed cheese packages.

60. Warner Bros. allowed Bugs Bunny to appear in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ under the stipulation that he only appears opposite Mickey Mouse, and that the two receive the same amount of screen time. The resulting scene is the only time in film history that the two have shared the screen together.

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