50 Beautiful Facts About Cute Animals Which Will Make You Go “Aww” – Part 2

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1 Great Pyrenees Dog

Great Pyrenees Dog

The Great Pyrenees Dog was developed to live with and guard livestock. They exhibit unending patience with their charges.

2 Pigs


Pigs have episodic memory. It is likely that they can replay and feel past experiences in their heads.

3 Slow Loris

Slow Loris

The Slow Loris is called the “Malu Malu”, or “shy one” by Indonesian locals because when startled, it freezes and covers its face.

4 Cows


Cows have “eureka” moments, and take pleasure in their own learning achievements.

5 Golden Moles

Golden Moles

Golden Moles have eyeballs, but they are covered by the skin so they don’t really work.

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6 Coati


The Coati can rotate it’s feet further than 180°, giving it the ability to descend from trees headfirst. They also eat tarantulas after rolling them around on the ground to remove the hairs.

7 Jacanas


Jacanas are colorful water birds with long legs and incredibly long toes and claws. The super-long toes spread the bird’s weight over a large area. This allows them to walk across floating vegetation, especially lily pads.

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8 Baby cheetah

Baby cheetah

It has been hypothesized that baby cheetahs evolved to look like adult honey badges. This is due to the fact that honey badgers are so aggressive, almost no other animal will attack it, therefore, providing protection for the baby cheetah.

9 Aardwolf


The aardwolf (alphabetically the second creature) are a monogamous species of hyena that mostly eats termites with their long sticky tongue. They will raise their cubs for up to a year as a pair, with the male watching the child for up to 6 hours a night while their mother finds food.

10 Cats


Cats rarely consider their own size when trying to attack or intimidate another animal, and in the wild, apex predators do their best to avoid unnecessary injury. Because of this, there have been several cases of cats trying to attack and chasing away bears.

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