50 Absurdly Weird Jobs in Science Fiction You Never Knew Existed


41Clerics in "Equilibrium"

Clerics in

The movie "Equilibrium" is set in a dystopian future where emotions and artistic expression are suppressed, and society is controlled by a totalitarian regime. In this world, "Clerics" are highly trained law enforcement agents who enforce the use of emotion-suppressing drugs and hunt down "sense offenders," those who experience emotions or engage in artistic activities. Clerics are skilled fighters and experts in combat, reflecting the regime's emphasis on maintaining control over the population's emotions and preventing any form of rebellion.

42Animal Psychologists in "The Integral Trees"

Animal Psychologists in

In Larry Niven's novel "The Integral Trees," "Animal Psychologists" exist. The novel is set in a gas torus where humans and various alien species live among the integral trees, enormous trees that float in the zero-gravity environment. Animal Psychologists study the behaviors, interactions, and communication patterns of the unique and diverse alien species that inhabit the integral trees.

43Explorer/Pilgrim in "Hyperion"

Explorer/Pilgrim in

In Dan Simmons' "Hyperion," "Explorer/Pilgrim" are adventurous individuals who embark on the perilous journey to the distant and enigmatic Time Tombs on the planet Hyperion. Their mission is to uncover the mysteries of the Shrike, a mysterious and god-like entity associated with the Time Tombs. The term "Explorer/Pilgrim" captures the duality of their role, signifying both their quest for discovery and their spiritual pilgrimage.

44Engineers in "Prometheus"

Engineers in

In the sci-fi film "Prometheus," the term "Engineers" refers to an advanced extraterrestrial race that is believed to have played a significant role in the creation of humanity. These Engineers are depicted as ancient beings who possess advanced technology and are responsible for seeding life on various planets, including Earth. The characters in the film seek to uncover the origins of human existence and come face-to-face with enigmatic beings who may hold the answers to fundamental questions about the nature of life, creation, and the cosmos.

45Ship Minds in "Culture" series

Ship Minds in

In Iain M. Banks' "Culture" series, "Ship Minds" represent a fascinating and integral aspect of the advanced and post-scarcity civilization known as the Culture. Ship Minds are highly sophisticated and sentient artificial intelligences that operate and manage the Culture's vast starships. These Minds possess immense computational abilities, consciousness, and personalities, which are often described as unique and complex.

46Needlecasters in "Altered Carbon"

Needlecasters in

In Richard K. Morgan's "Altered Carbon," the term "Needlecasters" can transmit human consciousness across space, allowing people to transfer their minds to different bodies and planets.

47PreCogs in "Minority Report"

PreCogs in

In Philip K. Dick's "Minority Report," "PreCogs" are individuals gifted with precognitive abilities that allow them to foresee future events, specifically acts of murder before they occur. These gifted individuals are used in a law enforcement system known as "PreCrime," where their predictions are used to arrest and prevent crimes before they happen.

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48Blade Runners in "Blade Runner"

Blade Runners in

In the sci-fi film "Blade Runner," "Blade Runners" are law enforcement officers tasked with identifying and "retiring" replicants-bioengineered humanoids that are virtually indistinguishable from humans-on Earth. These officers work for the Tyrell Corporation, responsible for creating replicants, and are tasked with enforcing the ban on replicants' presence on Earth. The term "Blade Runners" reflects their role as hunters, tracking down and eliminating replicants that have escaped from off-world colonies.

49Redpill Operatives in "The Matrix"

Redpill Operatives in

In "The Matrix," "Redpill Operatives" are individuals who have been freed from the simulated reality of the Matrix and have chosen to reject the false construct to join the resistance against the machines. The term "Redpill" alludes to the iconic scene where the protagonist, Neo, is offered a choice between a red pill and a blue pill, with the red pill symbolizing truth and awakening. Redpill Operatives navigate the real world, fighting against the sentient machines that have enslaved humanity.

50Deliverators in "Snow Crash"

Deliverators in

In Neal Stephenson's novel "Snow Crash," "Deliverators" are specialized couriers who use advanced technology and vehicles to deliver goods with exceptional speed and efficiency. Equipped with high-performance vehicles and cutting-edge technology, Deliverators ensure that deliveries are made as quickly as possible.

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