50 Absurdly Weird Jobs in Science Fiction You Never Knew Existed


31Jesuit Explorers in "The Sparrow"

Jesuit Explorers in

Mary Doria Russell's novel "The Sparrow," follows a group of "Jesuit Explorers" who embark on a mission to an alien planet in search of extraterrestrial life and spread their faith. Their journey becomes a deeply philosophical exploration of the encounter between human spirituality and the unknown, delving into the complexities of belief, cultural exchange, and the inherent challenges of cross-species communication.

32Dream Extractors in "Inception"

Dream Extractors in

In the movie "Inception," the term "Dream Extractors" refers to skilled individuals who specialize in the art of entering the dreams of others to extract valuable information or secrets. These operatives, led by the protagonist, Dom Cobb, use advanced technology to immerse themselves in the dream world of their target's subconscious.

33Bookleggers in "A Canticle for Leibowitz"

Bookleggers in

In Walter M. Miller Jr.'s "A Canticle for Leibowitz," the term "Bookleggers" denotes a group of individuals who are dedicated to preserving and safeguarding knowledge in a post-apocalyptic world. The novel is set in a future where civilization has collapsed, and the remnants of human society struggle to rebuild. In this context, Bookleggers take on the vital role of preserving books and the wisdom they contain, even though knowledge has become a scarce and precious resource.

34Sky Pirates in "Tales of the Ketty Jay" series

Sky Pirates in

In Chris Wooding's "Tales of the Ketty Jay" series, the term "sky pirates" encapsulates the adventurous and daring crew of the airship Ketty Jay. These people are skilled aviators who operate in the skies and engage in various forms of piracy, under the charismatic Captain Frey's leadership. Operating in a fantastical steampunk universe, the sky pirates commandeer airships and engage in high-stakes heists, smuggling, and daring escapades.

35Threadfighters in "Dragonriders of Pern" series

Threadfighters in

In Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonriders of Pern" series, "Threadfighters" are brave and skilled individuals who ride dragons to combat the deadly threat known as Thread. Thread is a destructive organism that falls from the sky, devouring all organic matter it touches. Threadfighters form a symbiotic relationship with their dragons that allows them to fly and use their dragons' fiery breath to burn Thread before it reaches the ground.

36Silo Farmers in "Wool"

Silo Farmers in

In Hugh Howey's "Wool," "Silo Farmers" play a crucial role in sustaining life within the underground silos, where humanity seeks refuge from a post-apocalyptic world. These farmers are responsible for cultivating crops and ensuring the survival of the silo's inhabitants by providing a steady source of food. The term "Silo Farmers" encapsulates their dedication to cultivating life amidst the harsh conditions of their confined environment.

37Water Peddlers in "Dune"

Water Peddlers in

In Frank Herbert's "Dune," "Water Peddlers" are individuals who traverse the desert planet Arrakis, also known as Dune, offering water to the thirsty inhabitants. Arrakis is a harsh desert world characterized by a scarcity of water, and water becomes a precious and highly valued resource. They often utilize specialized suits to capture and recycle moisture from the air and the body.

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38Thermian Historians in "Galaxy Quest"

Thermian Historians in

In the sci-fi comedy film "Galaxy Quest," "Thermian Historians" are extraterrestrial beings from the planet Thermia who possess a distinctive fascination with human culture and history. These aliens have an inherent sincerity and innocence, leading them to earnestly study and emulate Earth's history based on intercepted television broadcasts.

39Loopers in "Looper"

Loopers in

In the science fiction movie "Looper," criminal organizations use "Loopers" as specialized assassins to kill targets sent from the future. These assassins wield advanced technology that allows them to execute individuals who are sent back in time. The move explores the closed-loop nature of their operation, as they eventually become their own victims, thereby closing the loop of cause and effect.

40Breach Inspectors in "The City & The City"

Breach Inspectors in

In China Miéville's novel "The City & The City," there are "Breach Inspectors". The novel is a detective story set in the unique cities of Beszel and Ul Qoma, which occupy the same physical space but are culturally and legally distinct. Breach Inspectors are responsible for maintaining the strict separation between the two cities, ensuring that residents do not interact with the "unseen" city, and investigating any breaches of this separation.

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