50 Absurdly Weird Jobs in Science Fiction You Never Knew Existed


21Wallfacers in "The Three-Body Problem"

Wallfacers in

In "The Three-Body Problem," by Cixin Liu, humanity launches the Wallfacer Project as a last-ditch effort to survive the impending threat of an alien invasion. Chosen individuals, known as Wallfacers, are bestowed with unparalleled authority and resources to devise covert strategies to counter the impending alien threat. These Wallfacers operate in secrecy, formulating complex plans that remain hidden even from their own government.

22Bodyguards in "The House of the Scorpion"

Bodyguards in

The society in Nancy Farmer's novel "The House of the Scorpion," cloning and genetic manipulation are common, and the wealthy elite employ "Bodyguards" who are essentially clones grown from their own DNA. These clones are created to serve as organ donors and sources of spare parts should the original individual require transplants or medical interventions. The term "Bodyguards" takes on a dark irony as these clones are bred to safeguard their originals' lives through their own sacrifice.

23Mattercasters in "The Enemy Stars"

Mattercasters in

In Poul Anderson's "The Enemy Stars," "Mattercasters" are advanced devices that enable the transmission of matter across vast distances, akin to teleportation. These devices hold the power to disassemble an object's atomic structure at one location and reassemble it at another. It takes a sublight spaceship with a crew and minimal equipment to set up the transmitter on the next planet.

24Reality Engineers in Various science fiction universes

Reality Engineers in Various science fiction universes

In certain science fiction universes, "Reality Engineers" are individuals who possess the remarkable ability to manipulate and shape reality itself through advanced technology or metaphysical means. By harnessing the fabric of existence, they can alter physical laws, create new dimensions, or even rewrite the fundamental rules of the universe. The term "Reality Engineers" encapsulates their role as architects of existence, blurring the lines between science and metaphysics.

25Asari Justicars in "Mass Effect" series

Asari Justicars in

The "Asari Justicars" are warrior monks who uphold a distinctive code of ethics that is based on the principles of justice and retribution in the vast universe of the "Mass Effect" video game series. They are known for their formidable combat skills, biotic abilities, and unwavering dedication to maintaining order across the galaxy.

26Gunters in "Ready Player One"

Gunters in

In Ernest Cline's novel "Ready Player One," the term "Gunters" takes on a special significance within the context of the virtual world known as the OASIS. Gunters, short for "egg hunters," are individuals who are passionately dedicated to solving the intricate puzzles and challenges left behind by the OASIS' creator, James Halliday. These puzzles, when solved, lead to the ultimate prize-an Easter egg hidden within the virtual world, granting the discoverer immense wealth and control over the OASIS itself.

27Steppers in "The Long Earth" series

Steppers in

In Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter's "The Long Earth" series, the term "Steppers" refers to individuals who possess the ability to traverse parallel Earths using a simple device called a "Stepper Box." The Long Earth is a multiverse where countless alternate Earths exist, each slightly different from the others. Steppers can "step" from one Earth to another, exploring the infinite possibilities of existence.

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28Duct Repairman in "Brazil"

Duct Repairman in

In the dystopian film "Brazil," the job title "Duct Repairman" embodies a blend of absurdity and commentary on bureaucracy. Set in a nightmarish future, the film's protagonist, Sam Lowry, works as a low-level government employee. His fantasy world clashes with his mundane reality, and the term "Duct Repairman" reflects the surreal nature of his existence. In the film, the ducts themselves are a metaphor for the labyrinthine bureaucracy that permeates society. The term "Duct Repairman" symbolizes the monotony and absurdity of working within an oppressive system, where even a seemingly straightforward task can carry deeper layers of meaning.

29Guild Navigators in "Dune"

Guild Navigators in

In Frank Herbert's iconic novel "Dune," the enigmatic "Guild Navigators" possess an unparalleled ability to navigate starships through folded space. Guild Navigators hold the key to interstellar travel through their mastery of folding space. This extraordinary power is fueled by their consumption of the mystical spice melange, which grants them heightened awareness and prescience. The term "Guild Navigators" encapsulates their central role in the universe's intricate fabric, shaping the fate of worlds and serving as a bridge between science fiction and the mysticism that permeates the world of "Dune."

30Rat Thing Operators in "Snow Crash"

Rat Thing Operators in

In Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash," "Rat Thing Operators" are individuals who control and direct "Rat Things," which are highly advanced, dog-sized robotic creatures. These cybernetic creatures possess remarkable agility, speed, and a wide array of functions, ranging from surveillance to combat.

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