46 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Sharks From An Expert

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26Charles Wickersham

In 2011, PETA mocked a 21-year-old man named Charles Wickersham who was attacked by a shark while he was spearfishing, calling the attack 'payback.'

27. A 12-year-old girl named Bahia Bakari was the sole survivor of a plane that crashed straight into the Indian Ocean. She was rescued after spending 9 hours in rough, shark-infested waters clinging to life on a piece of debris from the plane.

28. Lamniformes, the mackerel sharks (Great Whites, Makos) do not require sleep.

29. Even though the Dalai Lama can't swim, his greatest fear is being eaten by a shark.

30. Cows kill 22 times more people a year than sharks.

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31AC/DC rock band

Sharks act calmer when listening to AC/DC rock band songs.

32. Jacques Cousteau described the oceanic whitetip as "The most dangerous of all sharks." The oceanic whitetip is suspected to be responsible for many fatal shark bites on humans, as a result of predation on survivors of shipwrecks or downed aircrafts.

33. Scientists have discovered sharks that live in a volcano.

34. Bamboo sharks can survive on land for 12 hours.

35. Colossal cannibal great white shark is capable of hunting and eating 10 ft Great White Sharks.

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36Shark attack

The worst shark attack in human history occurred in 1945 after the USS Indianapolis was sunk in the Pacific. As many as 150 sailors waiting to be rescued were killed by sharks.

37. There is an animal that is a near-perfect mix of a shark and a ray called a Bowmouth guitarfish.

38. Dick Richards, the original director of the movie Jaws, was fired because he kept calling the shark a whale.

39. In Australia, kangaroos kill more people than sharks.

40. The megalodon had teeth the size of a human head and was longer than a school bus.

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41Hammerhead sharks reproduction

Hammerhead sharks reproduce once a year, usually with the male shark biting the female shark violently until she agrees to mate with him.

42. 'Shark Island' is a concentration camp in German South West Africa (currently Namibia) where victim's bodies were "buried in a few inches of sand at low tide, and as the tide came in, the bodies went out as food for the sharks."

43. Great White Sharks sometimes regurgitate a bite to make room for a more calorically-rich morsel. This pattern is further evidence that white sharks are adept at assessing the caloric value of their food and are selective when feeding.

44. After the only two recorded attacks on Great White Sharks by Orcas, the surrounding shark population packed up their stuff and got the hell out of there.

45. Ground sharks lose up to 35,000 teeth in their lifetime.

46Chris Blowes

Surfer Chris Blowes survived having his left leg taken by a Great White Shark, despite having no heart beat for the 90-minute trip to the hospital, during which the paramedics conducted nonstop, two-person CPR, keeping oxygenated blood flowing through his brain.


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