42 Random, True & Heart Touching Facts – Part 266

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26Max Brooks

Max Brooks, the author of "World War Z" and son of Mel Brooks, was invited to join the Modern War Institute at West Point as a non-resident fellow to write about non-military issues that could turn violent in the future, such as corporate control of the food chain.

27. Razzle Dazzle is a carnival game that is designed to make the player believe he is almost winning. But mathematically it actually is near impossible to win despite being very very few points from winning.

28. Actors Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt were temporarily blinded with 'burnt retinas' on the set of Twister (1996) by bright lamps used to make the sky look stormy.

29. In Abraham Lincoln's time in the Illinois legislature, he once leaped out of a first-story window in a failed attempt to prevent a quorum from being present. The doors of the Capitol had been locked to prevent legislators from fleeing.

30. Keanu Reeves was forced to shoot a film after a friend forged his signature on the film's contract. 'The Watcher' went down as one of his worst movies by critics.

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31Obroni wawo

In Ghana, imported second-hand clothing is known as 'obroni wawo', or 'dead white man's clothes.'

32. Milton Wright, a bishop once famously said: "Men will never fly because flying is reserved for the angels." He was the father of the Wright Brothers.

33. During World War 2, it was found that British tank crews regularly left the safety of their tanks in order to make tea. Accordingly, post-war British tanks have been fitted with internal tea-making facilities to enable tank crews to make tea in safety.

34. Bill Nye had worked alongside Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future: The Animated Series, where he played Doc Brown's assistant and demonstrated several experiments. These segments later led to Nye getting his own show.

35. A recent study found that the size of a lottery win subsequently increases borrowing and bankruptcies among neighbors of the winner.

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36New English Canaan

The first book to be banned in USA was the “New English Canaan” which was banned in 1637. The author lampoons and criticizes the Puritans and compares their leadership to crustaceans because Puritans believed that Indians were wild men that needed to be suppressed (among other thing). A first edition copy of the book was recently sold at an auction for $60,000.

37. Hoatzins are the only birds born with claws on their wings, a trait exhibited in dinosaurs like archaeopteryx.

38. Many famous people have claimed to have seen Abraham Lincoln's ghost in the White House, including Winston Churchill, President Lyndon Johnson, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, First Lady Grace Coolidge and Theodore Roosevelt.

39. 20th centuries physicist and Nobel laureate J.J. Thomson had 9 students who later won the Nobel prize in physics or chemistry. Robert Oppenheimer was also one of his students.

40. We call lions "King of the Jungle" even though they don't live in the jungle because of a translation error. The original phrase in Hindi was "King of the Wasteland" but their word for Wasteland sounds like the word jungle.

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41Battle Of Bowmanville

Battle of Bowmanville was a 1942 revolt in the Bowmanville prisoner of war camp, where approximately 100 Canadian soldiers quelled a rebellion of German POWs using only hockey sticks and water cannons.

42. Andy Warhol’s failed assassin, Valerie Solanas was a radical who called for the elimination of the male sex to create a Utopia for women. She shot Warhol in the liver, spleen, lungs, and stomach and he was required to wear a corset for the rest of his life.


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