35 Rarest and Strangest Places on Earth You Won’t Believe Are Real


1Gropecunt Lane

Gropecunt Lane

“Gropecunt Lane”, was an official street name given to those streets in medieval England where prostitution took place because it was normal practice for a medieval street name to reflect the street's function or economic activity taking place within it.

2Badlands Guardian

Badlands Guardian

The Badlands Guardian is a natural geological formation located in Alberta, Canada. When viewed from the air, it resembles a Native American wearing a traditional headdress, facing directly westward.

3Mills End Park

Mills End Park

Mill Ends Park is a planter of flowers in a median strip in Portland, Oregon. While only 452 square inches (0.292 meters square), it has been recognized as the 'Smallest Park in the World' by Guinness, and the original caretaker described it as “the only leprechaun colony west of Ireland.”

4Times Beach

Times Beach

In the early 70's, to curb a dust problem caused by dirt roads in the town of Times Beach, Missouri, the town hired a contractor to spray used motor oil on the roads. The motor oil had been mixed with another chemical called dioxin, leading to one of the largest environmental disasters in U.S history.

5Kingdom of Oyotunji

Kingdom of Oyotunji

There is a traditional African voodoo village named The Kingdom of Oyotunji in South Carolina. The village has a king and no electricity or water. Its residents are not allowed to speak English before noon, drink chicken blood and consider themselves to be a separate nation from the US.



On the California side of the US-Mexico border, there's a town called Calexico, and on the opposite side, there's a town called Mexicali.



In 2007, a meteorite crashed near the village of Carancas in Peru, close to the Bolivian border. Following the impact, locals in the area grew sick from an unexplained illness. It turned out that the meteorite had evaporated arsenic contaminated groundwater which led to widespread arsenic poisoning.

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8Marree Man

Marree Man

In 1999, a 9.3 miles by 17.4 miles geoglyph with 100 feet wide outlines depicting an indigenous man was discovered from the air by a charter pilot in the remote Australian outback. A plaque of an American flag was found buried 5 feet under the nose of the figure. Its origin remains a mystery with no known witnesses to its creation.



The "town" of Monowi, Nebraska has a population of 1. Elsie Eiler, in her capacity as Mayor, grants herself a liquor license and pays taxes to herself.

10Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy

There is an underground city in Australia called Coober Pedy and it is known as the "Opal Capital of the World." It has two churches, a bar, a single entrance and a population of over 1,600 people. People live in underground "dugouts" or homes built into the hills to escape extreme heat of up to 47 degree Celsius (116 degrees Fahrenheit).

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