35 Rarest and Strangest Places on Earth You Won’t Believe Are Real

21Mountains of Kong

West African mountain range named the Mountains of Kong was charted on maps for nearly a hundred years. It was later discovered that the mountains never existed and were made up by the original cartographer.

22Baldwin Street

The Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand is the world's steepest street. At its maximum slope, it measures 19° or 35%. The street holds a yearly event which involves rolling 30,000 Jaffas (Australian chocolate) down the street.


The village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands has no roads. People get around on foot or via one of the village's many canals

24Table Mountain

More people have died climbing Table Mountain (3,500 feet) in Cape Town than have been killed by Everest (29,000 feet). Poor planning, dehydration and even losing concentration while taking selfies are to blame.


The city of Whittier in Alaska has a population of 214 people, almost all of whom live in a single building. The building has a school, hospital, church, and grocery store.

26Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester, the widow of the founder of Winchester Company, built a confusing mansion to ward off the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles. At its zenith, the house consisted of over 200 rooms, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, 2,000 doors, several trapdoors, and multiple spy holes.

27Sedlec Ossuary

The Sedlec Ossuary is a church in Prague that is made up of the bones of over 70,000 plague victims in various forms of decor. Only theories surround the method of this madness.

28Villa Las Estrellas

Chile has a civilian town named Villa Las Estrellas in Antarctica. The town has a maximum population of 150 people in the summer and it has a school, hospital, hostel, post office, internet, TV and mobile phone coverage.


Agloe, New York was an imaginary town that became real. Created on a 1937 map as a copyright trap (a fake location used to fool others copying the map), a visitor decided to open a store. Agloe became a real (if very small) location for 40 years, but the store closed and Agloe is now dead.

30Bubbly Creek

A century after Upton Sinclair first wrote about it in THE JUNGLE, “Bubbly Creek” in Chicago still has gases bubbling out of the riverbed from the decomposition of blood and entrails dumped into the river in the early 20th century by the local meatpacking businesses.


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