35 Interesting Real-life Superheroes You Should Know

31Black Rat

The Black Rat is a martial expert real-life superhero who operates in Sydney. His first goal is to get street lighting fixed on Campbell St, St Peters, and he plans to organize a residents' petition.

32Captain Prospect and Sparks

“Captain Prospect” and “Sparks” were a real-life superhero duo in Dupont Circle, Washington. Their used to hand out flyers about a real-life supervillain who was breaking into local homes and businesses that they named “rooftop raider.”


The Watchman and Moon Dragon were reported patrolling Milwaukee streets in 2009.


Squeegeeman and Captain Xavier Obvious patrol New York City. They do claim to fight crime all the time, but their primary objective is to do good deeds. They hand out water when it's hot, visit hospitals, plant trees and collect money for various causes like the AIDS walk.

35Rain City Superhero Movement

Real-life vigilante crime fighters exist in Seattle under the name "Rain City Superhero Movement."


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