35 Interesting Hotels and Motels Around the World

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26Floating hotel

The world’s first “floating hotel” was originally located near Townsville, Australia. Following a financial struggle, it was transferred to and now docked in North Korea.

27. If you stay at Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, one of the hotel’s amenity is a 24-carat gold plate iPad, which will serve as a “virtual concierge” that offers information on everything from the hotel's restaurant menus and spa treatments to housekeeping and butler services. The hotel already has an iMac in each of its 202 rooms, in addition to other luxury amenities such as walk-in showers and jacuzzis, large plasma TVs, and private butler service.

28. During World War 2, the Claridge’s Hotel in London ceded a hotel room to be temporarily part of Yugoslavia so that the new crown prince could be born on his own country “soil.”

29. The most expensive hotel in the world is “The Mark Hotel” which is located in New York City. A room in this hotel costs $100,000 per night. It offers cathedral ceilings that overlook five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a 24-person dining room, a living room that can be converted into a ballroom, a conservatory, a library lounge, and a private roof-top terrace with the view of the city.

30. At The Hotel Hershey, the reflecting ponds in the back are actually reservoirs 30 feet deep and hold one million gallons of water combined.


A resort named Anjajavy in Madagascar created their own time zone to change sunrise/sunset times.

32. There is a slum-like African resort named Shanty Town in Bloemfontein, South Africa which is designed to give rich people a taste of the hard life.

33. There is a Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada, where all the rooms are decorated with Clown paintings, dolls, and memorabilia. It is located next to the town cemetery.

34. The reason Four Seasons Hotel in Moscow has two designs because the architect was afraid of informing Stalin that he had failed to select a design.

35. Banksy opened a hotel named Walled off Hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine with rooms directly facing the Israeli security wall billed as “the hotel with the worst view in the world.”


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