30 Quick Facts About International Borders Between Countries

11Canada and USA border

Canada and USA border

Canada and USA share the longest border and most mutually beneficial international relationship in the world.

12US-Mexico border wall

US-Mexico border wall

The Golden State Fence Company, hired to build part of the US-Mexico border wall, was fined $5 million for hiring illegal immigrant workers.

13 President Nixon

 President Nixon

The U.S. does not use bills over $100 because President Nixon wanted to make it harder to move large amounts of money across borders for drug trading.

14Middle East's borders

Middle East's borders

Most of the Middle East's borders were drawn up by a pair of English and French aristocrats in 1916.

15The Shadow Wolves

The Shadow Wolves

The US government has a law enforcement unit consisting entirely of Native Americans who use indigenous tracking/ranging methods to catch drug smugglers on the US-Mexican border. Their unit is called "The Shadow Wolves."



Colorado is not a perfect rectangle. Along the western border with Utah, it goes at a slight angle and then continues straight again due to surveyors making a mistake.

17Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was torn down by mistakenly-empowered citizens after an East German spokesman misspoke at a press conference and mentioned immediate border crossing privileges for every citizen.

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18North and South Korean armies

North and South Korean armies

North and South Korean armies choose their physically toughest looking soldiers to have a constant ongoing "stare down" across the Korean border to determine who is more powerful.

19Incident at Petrich

Incident at Petrich

A war between Greece and Bulgaria that killed a total of 171 people, began when a Greek soldier accidentally crossed the border chasing his runaway dog.



The militarized border between North and South Korea, with practically no human inhabitants, has become a refuge for multiple endangered species.

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