30 Interesting Unsolved Mysteries You Probably Didn’t Know

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Most wild almonds are really poisonous and “eating even a few dozens in one sitting can be fatal” and that how we bred safe ones remains a mystery.

27. In 1947, a British South American Airways flight was flying normally over the Andes Mountains, but 4 minutes from landing, it sent a morse code message 'STENDEC' three consecutive times. The plane then vanished and the wreckage was not found for over 50 years. To this day, what 'STENDEC' meant is a mystery.

28. It is a mystery why so many birds and dinosaur fossils exhibit a 'death pose' - the characteristic posture consisting of head thrown back, tail extended, and mouth wide open.

29. The Shell Grotto is a mysterious underground chamber discovered in a back garden in the South East of England during the Victorian era. Buried a few feet underground, it was excavated and found to contain myriad religious symbols from around the world. Its origins remain a mystery.

30. There is 9.3 miles by 17.4 miles geoglyph (Marree Man) in Australia with 100 feet wide outlines depicting an indigenous man. Its origin remains a mystery with no known witnesses to its creation. A plaque of an American flag was found buried 5 feet under the nose of the figure.

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  1. 28 is not a mystery. The reason that some fossilized avian and non-avian Dinosaurs are found with their necks thrown back and the tails curled above the body is because of the tendons shrivelling up in the sun and pulling the necks and tails back as the tendons shrink



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