30 Fascinating Facts about Prince and Princess

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26Catherine Caradja

Catherine Caradja

Catherine Caradja was a Romanian Princess who opposed the alliance with Germany during World War 2. She personally took custody of surviving Allied crews who were bombing her country, saw that they were cared for in her hospitals, and facilitated their escape to Italy. She helped more than 1000 US crewmen who were shot down.

27. In her wedding in 1981, Princess Diana deviated from tradition and omitted the line in which she promised to “obey” Prince Charles.

28. Princess Diana used to go to bars with Freddy Mercury dressed as a man so she wouldn't be recognized.

29. A Bahraini princess Meriam al-khalifa eloped with a US Marine, was nearly assassinated for it, didn’t like her reduced lifestyle, divorced in Vegas, and went back to Bahrain.

30. Princess Alexandra of Bavaria believed she had swallowed a glass piano as a child. This delusion was not unheard of and was recorded in Europe and mainly suffered by royals, nobles, and scholars (between C15 and C17). It was manifest as a fear that parts of their anatomy were made of glass.

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