Signs and Wonders: 50 Intriguing Symbolism and Facts to Astonish You

1Bluetooth's Bind Rune Origins

Bluetooth's Bind Rune Origins

The Bluetooth symbol is a bind rune formed by combining the pre-Viking runes of the tenth-century King Harald Bluetooth's name.

2US Dollar's Spanish Origin

US Dollar's Spanish Origin

The name and symbol of the US dollar originate from the Spanish Dollar. During the War of Independence, Spain supported the US, leading to the adoption of both the name and one of the Herculean pillars as symbols for the new currency.

3India's Veggie Marking System

India's Veggie Marking System

With over 400 million vegetarians, India mandates a distinct mark on packaged food and toothpaste to differentiate between vegetarian and non-vegetarian products. The vegetarian symbol features a green square with a central green dot, while the non-vegetarian symbol remains the same but in red.

4Biohazard's Intriguing Void

Biohazard's Intriguing Void

Charles Baldwin, the creator of the international Biohazard symbol, explained, "We sought something memorable yet devoid of meaning, enabling us to educate people about its significance."

5Heart Symbol's Love Evolution

Heart Symbol's Love Evolution

The heart symbol was initially used to represent foliage until the 1250s, when it started to signify love.

6Kyrgyzstan's Yurt-Inspired Flag

Kyrgyzstan's Yurt-Inspired Flag

The symbol on Kyrgyzstan's flag mirrors the view from inside a yurt, looking upward.

7Poppy's War-Era Symbolism

Poppy's War-Era Symbolism

Since the Napoleonic Wars, the poppy has symbolized fallen soldiers. Its association with blood-red fields emerged due to its resilience as one of the few flowers able to thrive amidst war-torn soil.

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8Railroad Emergency Protocol

Railroad Emergency Protocol

In the event of a railroad crossing emergency, instead of dialing 911, locate a blue and white sign displaying a phone number. Contact the railroad dispatcher through this number, who can alert nearby train engineers to halt before reaching the crossing.

9Ancient "A" Ox Symbol


The letter "A" is an inverted ox head, originating from an ancient Egyptian ox symbol, and it "leads" the alphabets.

10North Korean Mileage Stars

North Korean Mileage Stars

Vehicles in North Korea display stars, each representing 50,000 kilometers traveled without incidents.

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