30 Facts about Holocaust You Probably Didn’t Know

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26Treblinka gas chambers

Treblinka gas chambers

Treblinka gas chambers were so overcrowded that the bodies of the victims were found standing and kneeling rather than lying down.

27. When Holocaust survivor Mila Pfefferberg (from second left in the figure) was introduced to Ralph Fiennes on the set of 'Schindler's List', she began shaking uncontrollably, as he reminded her too much of the real Amon Goeth.

28. There was a Jewish boxer named Salamo Arouch imprisoned at Auschwitz. He was forced to fight fellow prisoners. The losers of the fight were sent to the gas chambers or shot. He survived more than 2 years and 200 fights, eventually being released when the camp was liberated.

29. Jews put God on trial during the Holocaust, and found him guilty.

30. Kazimierz Piechowski, a Polish inmate at Auschwitz, took part in a daring escape from the camp along with three other prisoners. Dressed in SS uniforms, they simply drove through the main gate of the camp after stealing the commandant's car.

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  1. I had a boyfriend in NY who was the image of an Arian German. He had a classic Jewish name, and in fact was a Jew, as his mother was Jewish. His mother had been in a concentration camp. She was a beautiful woman, and her life was spared because an officer of high standing took her to satisfy his sexual needs. As a result, Michael was born. His mother was eventually freed, but suffered from serious mental disorders, and became totally disabled.



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