30 Collective Facts about Communism Few Know

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26USSR Central Committee

Of the 139 members elected to the 1934 USSR Central Committee of the Communist Party at the 17th Congress, Stalin had 98 executed. Of 1,996 party members present, 1,108 were arrested, and about two-thirds of those executed. Thus it was given the name "The Congress of the Condemned."

27. The North Korean Worker's Party criticized China's Cultural Revolution in the 1960s as a "Great Madness, having nothing in common with either culture or a revolution" and called Mao "an old fool who has gone out of his mind", leading to a deterioration of relations between the two countries.

28. In 1972, a West German businessman, Hans Beierlein, bought the international rights of the Marxist anthem "The Internationale," which was still under copyright. The government of East Germany agreed to pay him royalties for the use of the song.

29. During the Chinese cultural revolution, the communist party tried to change traffic laws so that red, the color of communism, meant "go" and green meant "stop". Poor party planning led to a massive spike in accidents, and the initiative was pulled.

30. Ho Chi Minh, the leader of the Communist Party in North Vietnam, briefly used to work as a pastry chef at the Parker House Hotel in Boston, which is the same hotel Malcolm X worked at in the 1940s as a busboy.


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