25 Unusual Places Around the World – Part 2

11Spiral Island

Spiral Island

Spiral Island is the name of a floating artificial island built in Mexico by British artist Richart "Reishee" Sowa. It was destroyed by Hurricane Emily in 2005. It was built from thousands of empty floating plastic bottles.

12Clinton Road (New Jersey)

Clinton Road (New Jersey)

The infamous Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey (a creepy stretch purported to be a haunted site for satanic rituals and where the real-life “Iceman” dumped several bodies) is also the location of the longest traffic light wait time in America, where drivers can wait for up to 5 minutes and 28 seconds.

1333 Thomas Street

33 Thomas Street

33 Thomas Street (formerly the AT&T Long Lines Building) is a 550-foot-tall (170 meters) skyscraper in Civic Center, Manhattan, New York City. It stands on the east side of Church Street, between Thomas and Worth Streets. The building is an example of the Brutalist architectural style with its flat concrete slab facade with no windows in it.

14Tower of Wooden Pallets

Tower of Wooden Pallets

The Tower of Wooden Pallets was a structure of discarded wooden pallets built by Daniel Van Meter and designated as a Historic-Cultural Monument. It was known as the City of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument number 184 and located at 15357 Magnolia Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, California. It is now replaced by an apartment building.



Spreuerhofstraße is one of the world's narrowest streets, found in the city of Reutlingen, Germany. It ranges from 31 centimeters (12.2 inches) at its narrowest to 50 centimeters (19.7 inches) at its widest. The lane was built in 1727 during the reconstruction efforts after the area was destroyed in the massive citywide fire of 1726 and is officially listed in the Land-Registry Office as City Street Number 77.

16Quay House

Quay House

The Smallest House in Great Britain also known as the Quay House is a tourist attraction on the quay in Conwy, Wales. It is reputed to be Britain's smallest house. The house has a floor area of 3.05 by 1.8 meters (10.0 by 5.9 feet) and is painted red. It stands near the Conwy Castle walls.

17Reality Checkpoint

Reality Checkpoint

Reality Checkpoint is the name given to a large cast-iron lamppost in the middle of Parker's Piece, Cambridge, England, located at the intersection of the park's diagonal paths.

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The Schwerbelastungskörper is a hefty concrete cylinder in Berlin, Germany located at the intersection of Dudenstraße, General-Pape-Straße, and Loewenhardtdamm in the northwestern part of the borough of Tempelhof. It was erected in 1941–1942 by Hitler's chief architect Albert Speer to determine the feasibility of constructing large buildings on the area's marshy, sandy ground, specifically a massive triumphal arch on a nearby plot.

19Wonderland Amusement Park (Beijing)

Wonderland Amusement Park (Beijing)

Wonderland was a never completed amusement park project located in Chenzhuang Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, China, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) outside of Beijing. Originally proposed by the Thailand-based property developer Reignwood Group, and designed to be the largest amusement park in Asia (to have covered 120 acres (49 hectares)), construction stopped in 1998 following financial problems with local officials, while a 2008 attempt to start construction again also failed.

20Hacienda Nápoles

Hacienda Nápoles

Hacienda Nápoles (Spanish for "Naples Estate") was the luxurious estate built and owned by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia Department, Colombia, approximately 150 km (93 miles) east of Medellín and 249 km (155 miles) northwest of Bogotá. The estate covers about 20 sq km (7.7 sq miles) of land. The estate included a Spanish colonial house, a sculpture park, and a complete zoo that included many kinds of animals from different continents such as antelope, elephants, exotic birds, giraffes, hippopotamuses, ostriches, and ponies. The ranch also boasted a large collection of old and luxury cars and bikes, a private airport, a bullring, and even a kart-racing track.

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